7 responses to “REACT…to making it OFFICIAL :)

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  2. Karen, please don’t worry… I have not gotten any of your updates but now I understand why! I hope and pray that everything that’s got you busy is good for you, your family and your life plan… I feel FB’s usefullness varies in every person’s life… It was no longer useful in mine, specially since I didn’t use it to “publicize” my blog…or maybe it’s because of that when I realized I didn’t feel comfortable there… I am so happy to read you, Please receive a big hug, Alexandra

  3. I like a lot of what Zenhabits publishes, but I’m not quite ready to get rid of Facebook. I have been doing social media much less for the last several months to get some more work done.

    It seems to me that blogging is so useful for writers and creative types in a way that Facebook is not. So I want to return to blogging in a bigger way again later this year. There’s just so much going on in my life right now.
    Sorry I haven’t been stopping by your blog as often, but I still appreciate it when I can!


  4. Interesting! It seems you’ve been thinking and reacting a lot lately? 🙂
    Accepting terms and conditions without reading? That’s quite common and ofcourse it has it’s consequences.
    Keep up with optimizing yourself.
    Nice post.

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