THINK…about reasons for blogging

Well yes, don’t you…ask yourself why you blog?

I do.

I often do.

The question creeps up on me when I start to feel the haven’t-posted-in-a-while anxiety and can’t shake it off…

this is what my inner voice looks like…pretty sure of herself, right?!

Even my inner voice (yeah the one that wrote a poem about herself and her living arrangements) gets all flustered and raises her voice at me, “Wait a minute YOU, why do you worry so much about the intervals between posts? are we in a competition that I had no idea of? weren’t we doing this because you needed to vent?…no I did not take it personally, I understand that sometimes one needs to get out of ones head, your over-thinking makes it a bit crowded in here…any way… AND wasn’t this supposed to be a result of SUDDEN INSPIRATION and not FORCED INSPIRATION? You have said it yourself: Inspiration has its own timing! I think it does not care about the last time you posted, in fact, I think it shows its ugly face when you get like this and makes you all negative and THEN? will you put up a negative post like the ones RESENTFUL INSPIRATION sends your way? No, you won’t! So, shake it off because it’s contagious and find the answer to the question…ASAP, please :)”

That’s one situation that triggers THE QUESTION Why do I blog? (and THE VOICE’s retaliation)

However, there’s another detonator to that bomb: TIPS FROM SUCCESSFUL BLOGGERS

Wow, do those super informative posts get me going crazy!

They make me question my existence in the blogosphere… If we had to earn our right to a place in the WP neighborhood (a.k.a. a blog), I’d be getting notices of eviction by now…

You know those posts: Turn your little excuse for a blog into the biggest blog there is! Get more traffic to your blog… SEO to increase views… etc

Don’t get me wrong…I am not criticizing them or the people who have a use for them… on the contrary, I WISH I FELT I had a need for them… because they’ve got fabulous ideas from expert bloggers, ideas that I’m sure work, but not for ME

For instance, the most common tip they give is to use social media, and well, you know where I stand on that (no FB for ME) and twitter, I used to tweet my posts but I stopped I don’t know why, so just from that single fabulous piece of advice I’m out of the game… then comes SEO, OMG… this is supposed to be spur-of-the-moment inspiration, no time for SEO… ooooh, comment on other blogs so they’ll come take a peek at yours, hhmmm, too sneaky, insincere, manipulative, self-serving… I do not, I repeat, I do not comment on other blogs just so those lovely people come over (besides they rarely do, imagine if I had my heart set on it, I’d be devastated)…or write really good postsblank stare- according to whom?

As you can see, I am not made to have the biggest blog there is because maybe I want to keep it simple…my blog is the quirky one at the end of the block in the WP neighborhood, that people go by and say hey, today I’m in the mood for RANDOM let’s stop here and see what’s new and when they are not in the mood for random but for something deep or well structured, well thought out they keep going and find my lovely neighbors…

I think I’ve cleared things up for myself, I do not blog to be big because then I would be a failure due to my less than ideal ways of managing my blog…so, why do I blog? TO VENT, TO GO THROUGH MUCH NEEDED CATHARSIS, TO ANSWER MY LIFE QUESTIONS, and HOPEFULLY to CONNECT with like-minded people with a special liking for QUIRKY RANDOMNESS

My goodness INNER VOICE you were so right AGAIN!!


despite my stubborness and resistance to all the guidelines

I would like to write a post worthy

of being featured on WP Freshly Pressed

at least once 🙂 

those guidelines I am willing to consider

btw, I recently read a post that asked WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR BLOG POSTS? and it got me thinking…and I came to the conclusion that I would like to always have them with me, as a reminder of these times, the highly emotional blogging times in my life 🙂 check out the link to find out, I promise it’s a very cool idea

hugs people!

p.s. WP, I answered before you asked 🙂

I published this post on April 9th, 2013…

I hope I’m not breaking any WP rules in using it for today’s (April 16th)


21 responses to “THINK…about reasons for blogging

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  8. I agree with you, pleasure should be enough reason! but numbers do have that power to challenge me and when I read that my numbers could be better if only…aaaaahhh, that’s when i need to stop and remind myself why I do this… I’m with you, I don’t think my sister-friend Cristy who showed me the way to this wonderful neighborhood will ever grasp the immensity and depth of my gratitude… she knew this was fun and she shared it with me for me to discover the many more surprises it held 🙂 Yes my friend, you have been missing in action but it has been for good reasons…Good things come to those who wait, so we wait for your next opportunity to post and enlighten us 🙂

  9. Are you sure my inner voice did not wander away and find you?
    Your post sounded a lot like we were sharing the same thoughts.
    Well, I’ve still got my inner voice in place, else I would have raised some alarm. 🙂
    I’m glad that I blog and I’m hopeful that people would appreciate my thoughts. I really get to feel better when quite a lot of people value my thoughts. Maybe that’s why we’re human; number moves us a lot.
    It’s good to know the reasons why we do things, yet it’s much more fun when we just reallize that we derive so much joy in doing something without necessarily knowing why. 🙂
    Seems like you wrote this for me, my friend. I’ve been missing in action from the blogosphere and wrestling with similar thoughts.
    I’m all smiles now! 🙂

  10. If I based my continuing to write on my stats maybe I’d have stopped a long time ago… but then again, there are posts that by some miraculous reason get read over and over (i.e. turning 40…) and that’s when I think hhhmmmm if I didn’t have the numbers I wouldn’t know… all in all, I’m glad I didn’t start blogging looking for money or fame, jajajaaaaa, I WAS JUST LOOKING FOR FREE THERAPY and in the process have made WONDERFUL FRIENDS yaaaay 🙂

  11. Great post and oh so familiar! You’re so right about the anxiety around not posting, I can so relate! I started my blog as a way of offloading, chronicling and dealing with the stress of a reactive dog, I never expected anyone to read the darn thing and remember being amazed when someone did!
    Thanks for the timely reminder that writing is its own reward and that to let our ego get involved is a sure way of making the stuff we do for fun feel just the same as work! 🙂

  12. Karen Wan, you are one of the sweetest hearts there is 🙂 Thank you! Wow, and I thought I was the only one…I do read those posts, and I appreciate them giving advice that took them several mistakes to understand but in some cases, ours specifically, it kind of distorts our intentions and goals…hmmm… nevertheless, I find admirable when bloggers take on the extra challenge of doing this as a paying job…

  13. I find myself repulsed by many of the suggestions of the “successful” bloggers. I resonate with so much of what you’re saying in this post. And it’s a joy to read you whenever you do get a chance to blog.

  14. my pleasure! please don’t leave the neighborhood 😦 remember INSPIRATION HAS ITS OWN TIMING just be ready for it… I’ve opted to jot down ideas long and short in my iPad or risk losing them for good… I’ve done this for several posts and thanks to that inspiration returns when I get the chance to put my post together…

  15. I think I fell into the whole popularity trap for bloggers and kind of forgot why I liked it so much. I have really thought of ending it, but somehow when I least expected, I got some juju going again. A few ideas. But I do fall into the Seo and analytical game, which like you, gets me in a bad mood. for now I just want to find the inspiration to keep going. Thanks for reading me every time! It means a lot. (Escribiendo en un iPad, me es difícil poner todo lo que quiero…)

  16. i finished writing this, published and realized that I need to remind myself of my true motives for blogging on a regular basis… all the talk about followers and visitors and views and stats gets me in a very ugly mood which takes away the fun of all this… xoxo para ti también sister

  17. Your inner voice sometimes sounds like my inner voice. Especially regarding those wide open spaces between posts. But I always come to your block and to your neighborhood, a familiar place to catch up and see what’s going on. Thank God for these (free) outlets, they give us a chance to be heard- which I think is one of the reasons why I blog, albeit infrequently…

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