ACT… Let the Light of the Sun Illuminate You

Every day holds new knowledge…

I started my day hearing about this: the meaning of the Sun tarot card… I may be into other woowoo stuff (as the experts jokingly call it) but tarot is not exactly in my calling 🙂 HOWEVER, I can’t deny the beauty and artistry used in representing human condition and emotion in these cards. Today as I was listening to HayHouse Radio a show on tarot readings came on, the caller got a Sun card, the expert explained the meaning… I had to google it 🙂 and found it fascinating!!

The Sun card represents a flowering of the inner self, a time when who you are inside yourself and who you are to the outside world become more closely aligned. In other words, the who that you are internally and the who you project into the world become more alike. You truly are who you are all the time.

faeriesunThe Sun symbolizes many things depending on how you look at it. The ancients saw the sun as the giver of life and light, and almost every polytheistic faith has a Sun God. It brings light and clarity after a period of darkness and confusion, and in this sense the Sun God is often a redeemer as well; a bringer of peace and good times after ordeals. Finally, the Sun is a symbol of steadfastness and reliability, for no matter how bleak your situation may seem, no matter how many problems you have, the Sun will still rise in the morning.

As a sign of reliability, there is nothing more powerful than the Sun, since no force on Earth (or anywhere else for that matter) can stop the Sun from rising in the morning. In a world of chaos, it is a still point of silence and calm, an assurance that there is some underlying order, some higher power that chooses to bless us and smile upon us each day. Even when clouds fill the sky the Sun is still there, waiting for an opportunity to break through the dark barrier and shine its light for us. Know that in every challenge there is an opportunity, and behind every cloud sits a sun waiting for its chance to be revealed to all.

In a reading the Sun can take on many meanings, though the most predominant one is that of success and completion. It can be a herald of joy, happiness, the birth of a child, a stable family, material prosperity or almost any other end that is positive – but above all it shows completion. One cycle is over and, before the next begins, there is a period of light and relaxation that you can and should properly enjoy. Success comes if you are confident and bold in the use of your creative energy. Glow with the vitality of the Sun whose light is umatched and whose power is absolute.

Such power and clarity are within everyone’s grasp, including yours, if you let the light of the Sun illuminate you. If there are areas of darkness lurking inside you, the Sun’s rays will expose them so you can integrate them into yourself. Fogs of confusion are burned away with the Sun’s fiery sword, and its flames drive away fear and all the terrors of the night. A seemingly hopeless situation will be hopeless no more once the Sun shines down upon the true path, the correct solution. When the Sun appears, let its power amaze and overwhelm you. But do not simply watch – reach up to grasp it, draw its power into yourself. The power of the Sun is true power indeed. @ TAROT CARD MEANINGS



6 responses to “ACT… Let the Light of the Sun Illuminate You

  1. Mamie, please try sending it again, I would love to read everything you wrote 🙂 In the meantime, You are SO capable of contributing beauty to the world, just your presence brings us all so much, now you have to believe that! It’s your being plus your doing that make you who you are and our lives more complete. Hope you post some images of your new project. I feel so happy and excited for these opportunities that have found you!! thank you, thank you for being such a sweetheart and for letting me into your life, no matter it being virtual, the heart knows no boundaries, right?! It fills me with gratitude to read your words and to have been of help. Huge hugs and all my love, Ale

  2. Ale,
    You are so kind. I emailed you, but it didn’t send (delivery failure). I probably wrote too much! Thank you for asking after me. I will be alright, life just gets very hard sometimes, particularly at this time of year. Some sun would go a long way towards lifting my spirits. In the meantime, words of encouragement from friends like you do a world of good. =)
    Last week was discouraging. Feeling worthless, marriage ups and downs…the usual. But!
    I have sewed some lovely Cinderella costumes for a high school play, and gotten positive feedback from the head costumer AND she’s asked me to design my own couture dress for the next show. I saw my gowns yesterday on stage. They are beautiful! I am capable of contributing beauty to the world. =) And I’ve also potentially been offered a job writing copy for a book marketing company. It’s nice to have affirmation from others that I have value.
    Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I feel so cheered by your presence in the blogosphere. You are one of the few I truly miss when I disappear. When you share your story, I feel less alone. You, my dear, are worth your weight in gold and storing up many treasures in heaven. My day is brighter and my heart lighter because of your warm encouragement. If ever I can be a help to you, don’t hesitate to ask. I would be honored. Thank you for being my friend.

  3. Mame, do you have my email? …You can write to me if you need to vent or if you just need an empathetic soul who’ll listen/read and send you many virtual warm hugs… I’ve been in the moonless abyss (and have since felt the edge of it several times, it’s got this magnetism that grabs a hold of us…), don’t forget to breathe, you may not be able to see your own hand in front of you in the darkness but you are still there and you, at this moment are your most loyal companion… I wish I was there, I don’t mind the darkness as long as I’m in there helping someone in transition, because you are in transition, believe that… Power, clarity, energy have been a part of me, right now I am consciously taking it as slow as life permits, I have no idea where I’m going, but I am moving forward, fighting the pull… Power, sigh, I have stopped wanting it, now I want peace, balance… But creativity, OMG, am I grateful for it, it helps me imagine what I can be and how I could get there, creativity is my meditation, it helps see what the lack of clarity blinds me from… does this make any sense? You’ve read my posts and you’ve been so lovely and loving in supporting me, I’d like to do the same for you if you feel I can be… all my love, ale

  4. Such lovely sentiments, so polar opposite of my current experience in the moonless abyss… Power, clarity, creative energy. These are foreign words to me at present.

  5. Como decía un amigo ”EL SOL SALE PARA TODOS”,
    ya depende de nosotros el aprovecharlo.

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