BEING 40+… The Homework Chronicles #1: Very Contradictory

This had been The Bathtime Chronicles until, thank God, he started asking for privacy during his bath so I just turn on the water and leave, so I just hear him singing from outside… Now, as he tries to avoid getting to his homework he starts to philosophize… about life’s curves and strange happenings…

P: Mom, a doctor’s job is to make us healthy, right?

Me: (totally caught off guard, as usual…) Uuummm, well, yes… (NO! shouted my brain, that is not exactly how it works but you’ll find that out a bit later, too complicated for now)

P: So, I don’t get it, why does he give us a lollipop as we leave his office? Doesn’t he know that candy is bad for us? For our teeth? Don’t you find that a bit contradictory?

Me: Totally contradictory!

P: My Chinese medicine doctor gives me a high five, no candy… he’s a good doctor, don’t you think?!

P.S. here he is filling up some egg shells for an upcoming School Sport Festival… he calls them Eggs a la Party Mode


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