THINK…adding one more + to my 40

So the end of my 42nd year was coming and I knew I did not want a repeat of it, 42 part deux, it was clear that if I want different results I’ve got to do things differently, right?!

First order of business was to wait out the storm that was stationed over my head in the form of a migraine which took me back to my sad place… I am glad I didn’t write a post at that moment. I am glad I listened to my inner voice who asked, “Is there a moral to this sob story you will subject those who stumble upon this to read?”

Obviously my migraine made finding the moral a bit more difficult, in fact it went further and opened the door to negative inner voice who asked, “is there a point to this whole sob story you call your life? why do you insist on digging deeper? why can’t you just let things happen, see where it takes you and relax? don’t get why you need to ‘understand’ all this crap that floats around in your mind and then ‘share it’…”

The cheerful conversation ended there, negative inner voice had the last word.

Later that day, we went shopping for some stuff (unimportant/irrelevant details) and I came upon these beauties and I bought them as a gift pour moi 🙂


this is my new CREATIVITY notebook, I plan to use it to keep track of my comissions and creative sparks… isn’t it just beautiful and lovely and perfect… just like you my dear friends!!!


this one, OMG, has the spiritual mantra/ prayer I repeat every time I’m faced with a challenge that goes beyond my capabilities… anyway, I’ve been hearing wonders about journaling however I don’t think I have the privacy needed to journal from the heart…

I really want to start doing this, how can I make it unattractive for ‘others’ to read? Leonardo daVinci’s method came to mind: mirror writing and THAT made me laugh… ME? mirror writing? now that would totally suck out the therapeutic benefit of journaling…  on that note negative inner voice takes the stage, “still on that? let life be what it will! stop analyzing! stop wanting to record stuff, if you forget then it wasn’t important!”

BUT! BUT! I stuttered and I remembered this quote and all the voices stopped:

IMG_2032It became my first entrance in the new journal. It gives me permission, in fact, it justifies my constant search for explanations or lessons to be learned from this strange thing I’m having to call my life! Thank you, Socrates 🙂

IMG_2033Next day I came upon this in my email, in a post titled Getting Started with the Discipline Habit @ Zen Habits by Leo Babauta Such an interesting coincidence 🙂 given that I secretly proclaimed DISCIPLINE  as my guiding word for this year, and as expected I have not been able to apply 😦 This sentence I quoted reminded me to have realistic expectations, to start small and slowly build up and, most importantly BE MINDFUL & SMILE 🙂 this made my second journal entrance…

Today, my birthday, I woke up to find, mother nature had gifted me a wonderful rose bouquet and the promise of many more…

And… among other emails I found this quote as the title for Spirituality and Health’s newsletter and I thought is was a perfect guiding thought for the first day of my 43rd year, YEAH!!!

IMG_2034I am not hiding my thoughts, I’m embellishing them inspired by the ever creative Lisa Congdon and her 365 days of Hand Lettering 


Some fabulous examples from her book -which I hope to but SOOOOOON!!!

a good start, right? not that bad for a beginner 🙂 I’m on my way!!!

So, yeah, Happy Birthday to me… may 43 be better than 42, pleazzzzzzz

xo lovely people


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