8 responses to “A.R.T…Loving-Kindness Tibetan Meditation

  1. Smiles!
    I always knew you will have something funny to say about that.
    You are just an awesome friend.
    You know I can’t stop learning from you…

  2. It is worth printing, my dear friend, and also worth being used as wall paper on my phone.
    I wonder why I didn’t think of any of those before now!
    I’ll do something in that direction right away.
    Huge hug to you too!

  3. Dear friend, hope you consider printing it or like I did, used it as wallpaper on my phone so that I can repeat it silently whenever fear or other emotional situation take hold of my peace of mind and heart. Huge hug and read you soon dear friend

  4. Awesome!
    Lovely choice of words.
    Indeed, may I be happy, content and fulfilled…!
    May there be peace on earth and the entire universe!
    I love every bit of this meditation!
    Welldone, my dearest friend!

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