YAY I did it…I deactivated my facebook account and it felt good…

No, I wasn’t a FBaddict…far from it, thank God! I just stopped having any positive use for it, in fact it started being a source for much undesired social info…

I think I never really had any use for it… one of my students opened the account for me a few days before their graduation about five years ago, she wanted to keep in touch and she felt this was the ideal way…and we did keep in touch- she’s in nursing school right now and very much in love with her boyfriend…she and the rest of her classmates plus my Mexico City lady friends/fellow oil painters are what kept me from deactivating my account a long time ago. Then, my daughter, when we were packing to return home, asked if she could open up her own account to keep in contact with her Mexico City friends…making this another reason why I didn’t do it sooner…

My husband doesn’t have a facebook account and is quite comfortable with his status and PRIVACY!

Since I decided I didn’t need it anymore- I posted, maybe twice in my blogging life, a link to my blog and have not done it again- I stopped sharing even those funny posters or the inspiring quote, I just plain stopped logging in! so the next natural step was to DEACTIVATE!


and then I found these very funny blog posts from WHAT I MEANT 2 SAY, which (along with a chat with my fabulous sister-friend/blogger Cristy) pushed me to make the decision…

“Anyway, the point is that I was starting to feel a bit left out because people keep forgetting to tell me things in person since they figure I already know because it’s posted on their Facebook page.  I was beginning to think I will be the only one sitting in a chair with my bulldog, reading Little Women, while the rest of the nation burrows into bomb shelters – all because the End of the World got announced on Facebook instead of the Emergency Broadcast System.” excerpt from IN YOUR FACE, FACEBOOK 

Is this funny or what…and, there’s a link to a previous post where she gives more INSIGHT into her decision to bypass FB…

“Anyway, I fill my time with other things, so now I can’t be bothered with such trivial details as playing Farmville.

First of all, I must check my stats.  Secondly, I must visit every blog I can find and comment so that the authors will be amazed by my wittiness and feel the need to visit my own site.  Then, I must try to compose my next new latest and greatest blog post… ” excerpt from DON’T HATE ME BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE YOU 

I’m a busy person, jajajaaaa, no really, I am, however, if I wasn’t THAT busy, BEING ON FB DOESN’T COUNT AS AN OCCUPATION

Here’s another example of a WIN-WIN CASE in which they give us a powerful reason to rethink the amount of time we invest logged in…



via EXCELSIOR.COM click to visit the site and read the article

and what about my TWITTER account… let me just say that I can’t even remember my password


featured image from here

10 responses to “deACTivate… FACEBOOK ACCOUNT

  1. Jejejeeee…lo fui haciendo en aproximaciones sucesivas. Se que ahi esta mi cuenta, quisiera entrar a borrar todo, pero como yo no se que tan fuerte yo sea asi que no quiero entrar ahorita…no quiero la tentacion de darme un rol por el mundo infinito del chisme…chula, no necesitas dejarlo si te aporta cosas buenas a tu vida, a mi me molestaba, me quitaba tranquilidad! I was fed up with so many people making believe they are something theyare not! It’s like honesty and true selves have little place there, appearances, appearances…NOT MY KIND OF THING

  2. I felt is was a matter of identifying what i got from being on FB and what I sensed it was taking from me…the output outweighed the input and that defined my course of action… I do wish I was wise, though 🙂 thank you Karen, big hug

  3. Good for you! I have some friends who live far away that I only “see” through Facebook, and don’t spend much time there, so I’ll probably keep my personal page. But I’m looking at how to reduce the amount of time I spend living electronically, so I think you’re very wise!!!

  4. Wow, so cool!! I did it recently and it felt good. But then came back, me gano el vicio….I’m getting closer to doing it for good. It’s just a bad habit of mine and use is as an excuse to “check in” with family.

  5. jajajaaaaaaa! you think I might start an anti-FB trend? jajjaaaaaa…it’s just me and my semi-anti-social ways… I feel that if someone wants to tell me something, it should be in person, everything else (i.e. posting the details of your life on FB) is just a silly need for attention and not what I call A FRIENDLY UPDATE… now, I’ll only know what people tell me and the rest is none of my business 🙂

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