REACT… to your regrets: I wish I had…

I’ve been listening to so many wonderful chats during this whole week brought to us by Hay House.

Several mentioned cancer but someone talked about it as a second chance. I got to thinking about it, cancer as a second chance, hhmmm! and I rephrased: cancer as a wake up call! A wake up call for the one directly affected, you know, the person who is actually giving a home to that illness but also a wake up call to all those affected by the person’s cancer: friends, family, doctors, therapists…

Well, that’s what it has been for me!


Just today as I drove home from my daughter’s science fair at school I thought back to my most sad regret when my Mami passed (my mom’s mom), I remember I repeated in my mind “I had so many things to talk to her about, I had soooo many questions about life and marriage, she had so many stories to tell me still…” but one day she said she was tired and needed to go, to please let her go, and we did, see you soon Mami…

Now, I am at a point, that only God knows I may find myself having to let go of my dad and I most definitely do not want to repeat that regret…

So we are talking! We are talking about health mostly, both physical and emotional health, we are talking about my approaching 42nd birthday and how I am feeling, about perimenopause and how I will prepare myself for full fledged menopause, we are talking about how my children’s health is in my hands and how my marriage’s health is also in my hands… we are not talking about the news or politics, showbiz or shopping, rumors or gossip… he is correcting the mistakes he made through me… we get each other, we are quite nerdy, we love to research though he is infinitely better at it, my info just confirms what he already knows and I think that gives him a bit of peace, to know that I am not lost or completely helpless…

In fact, cancer has proven to be both a second chance and a wake up call. A wake up call for me to take advantage of time and to MAKE time for important people and stuff (exercise, drinking water…) and a second chance to build a relationship with my dad. My relationship with him had been categorized or labeled when I was young, we crashed, we disagreed on almost everything, he imposed his opinions and I rejected them automatically.

Now is my chance to build an adult relationship with him.

Where patience and empathy are key, understanding is a given and conversation, a piece of cake!!

I could write the most cliché of all clichés: “don’t wait for cancer to have a healthy realtionship with those around you and with yourself”, however, sometimes it takes cancer to really wake you up, at least it does for stubborn people like myself…

So I will say, that we need to be open and mindful to that special sign that will signal our second chance at mending whatever shit we’ve created for ourselves. It doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of a life threatening illness, it may come in the form of a burnt piece of toast, of the hot water running out in the middle of your shower, of running out of gas… wake up, focus, correct your trayectory

Today I got this in my email, please watch it!!


Have you gotten your wake up call/signal for a second chance?

What did it look like?

MyMomOnMovieshere’s the link to their YouTube channel:  My Mom on Movies

thanks for reading me, it gives A.R.T. one more reason to be…

XO lovely people

6 responses to “REACT… to your regrets: I wish I had…

  1. Thanks so much, my dear friend.
    May God grant us our heart desires.
    Let’s live each moment with gratitude and hope.
    One step at a time. Doing the most worthy things and having the most worthy expectations.
    It can only get better, my dear friend.
    Once again, be strong. It is well.

  2. I do hope my dad will beat this and I trust in God things will take their course… Making this wake up call all the more important because it then is a second chance for all of us…seldom do we get second chances to correct our wrongs or to mend our omisions… It’s beautiful how you have turned this time into oportunities to honor your dad! Thank you Teecee for sharing these lovely sentiments with me, I always appreciate deeply your wishes for positivity, hope and unending faith. Sending you a big hug my dear friend!!

  3. My dearest friend,
    My dad passed on on the 21st of November, 2013. He’ll be buried on the 8th of February, 2014.
    Cancer of the rectum was the culprit that began rating him up.
    His experience prepared him, and like you mentioned; it was a wake up call to us.
    Don’t loose hope, my dear. Be strong!
    It’s never over till it’s over.
    Faith is the greatest virtue that makes each new day count.
    Be there for daddy and expect the best.
    I’ll miss dad, but I’ll never forget that he never gave up. He exuded his best of virtues till the very end.
    I am proud of the good name that he has left for our family and his legacy of selflessness till the very end.
    Keep hope alive and do your very best.
    It is well!

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