Hi everyone!!

It’s been quite a while since i put together a DISCOVER post, which you know I love. My whole enjoyment and this wonderful feeling of butterflies in my stomach begins when I hit “the jackpot of amazingness” that’s when I find someone’s work and it grabs hold of my heart in such a way that it leaves me out of breath…

and this is just what happened when I bumped into this lovely lady’s work. Her name is Emily McDowell.

“Emily McDowell is an illustrator, designer, and truth-teller.

She taught herself to draw bubble letters at the age of six.”


In her own words:

“My work reflects our shared human experience, in all its different, messy forms, and I feel most satisfied when something I made helps somebody feel like someone else out there gets them. I’m also inspired by letters, nature, folk art, geometry, cultural quirks, and the crazy urban landscape of Southern California.”  

Besides her work, she’s incredibly inspiring…here’s a bit of her story: “…I’d always wanted to have a card line, but I’d successfully talked myself out of it until January 2013, when I decided to do an experiment. I had 100 copies of one Valentine card printed that I’d written, based on what I felt was a universal experience all of us have had at one point in our lives. I put it in my etsy shop, not knowing what would happen, figuring I’d sell a few. Etsy put it on their Facebook page, and I hate using the phrase “went viral,” but it went viral. I shipped over 1,600 individual copies of that card to customers in 8 days…”

Or maybe it’s because I’m kind of where she was over a year ago… anyway, Happy First Anniversary 🙂

Celebrate with her by visiting her site and/or ETSY shop and maybe placing an order !!!

BTW… how about making your resolutions official with this fabulous DECLARATION OF INTENTION!

Declaration of Intention: New Year's Resolution Hand-Lettered 13"x19" Poster



– Facebook:
– Instagram: @emilymcdowell_
– Twitter: @emilymcdowell_
– Pinterest:

in love, right?!

xo lovely people!


  1. And you’ve made mine. A pleasure to have you visit my blog! Your story is truly an inspiration to me. Us creatives (I dare add myself to the amazing group of people) always have our secret stash of designs it just takes timing and incredible self-confidence to go out and amaze the world… You’ve done it and through it you show me how wonderful it can be! Thank you Emily McDowell and congrats on the first year of many more filled with joy and success, big hug Alexandra

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