THINK…about speaking hollow words

gandhi sweets

quote: Brian Johnson / macaron watercolor painting: Chelsea Easley / pairing: ME

I found this beauty in my inbox this morning…

I read it and just stood there in silence for a couple of seconds more, trying to absorb it and to put into words what I was feeling, but, many hours later (more than 12) I still can’t, exactly… however, I want to try…

Though the message is quite obvious, what surprised me is the emotional reaction I had to it…

How often do we speak hollow words?

Or give advice not really thinking about the person’s well being but of how lovely our voice sounds when we feel important?

…the mother, from the quote, probably wouldn’t have known the difference if the teacher was talking from experience or not… nevertheless, the teacher had a conscience, a soul and a devotion to truth which did not let him speak hollow words to the trusting student-mother…

When you don’t know, do you admit it? Do you say: “I don’t know” ? or Do you just go on rambling to save face?

I have to say that being approached for any kind of advice is quite an ego boost, don’t you think? And having to admit you have no idea… well, it’s not that much fun…

I think this Gandhi”s quote will be stuck in our minds and conscience for a while…

and, in case of emergency, remember…

To admit ignorance is to exhibit wisdom. — Ashley Montague

and when ignorance is detected and defeated, you can say:

The little I know, I owe to my ignorance.- Sacha Guitry

hugs people

btw, quote from en*theos Big Ideas on Optimal Living

macaron watercolor painting by Chelsea Easley  (remember her discover post?)

6 responses to “THINK…about speaking hollow words

  1. What a wonderful quote isn’t it?! And an even better and subtle reminder of the consequences of our every word… Brian Johnson’s daily messages always add something valuable to our day 🙂 take care my friend

  2. Suele suceder my dear friend :/ i think that happens because eventhough we believe it’s good advice, it won’t work on our stuff, but, surprise, it does and we’ve got the answers in us!!! Yay!! Abrazos honey

  3. “Or give advice not really thinking about the person’s well being but of how lovely our voice sounds when we feel important?” – ugh, more often than I would like to admit. Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts; reminders such as this are of such value. Happy Weekend!

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