ACT… painting is not like riding a bike

let me say that again, because I can’t stress it enough and I can’t get over it:


at least not for me… It wasn’t as easy as having the ideal ambiance and all that hooey I talked about

It wasn’t even a matter of preparing my colors and brushes and mediums, canvas/paper… Noooooo

My goodness, painting, the good kind, the one that is nice to look at takes practice, a lot of practice, every day practice if possible…

Shit! no one told me that… though I do follow some painter’s sites and they do a painting a day. No wonder they are THAT good!

I messed up several times, almost gave up… I was not emotionally prepared to have myself be the obstacle … I was ready to blame everyone else, except the lovely Bonnie, she’s a doll!

photo 1 (9)

I was ready to blame my children’s running, my husband’s constant talking/shouting to the golfers or soccer players on TV, the lack or excess of light… you name it, I had blame to go around for my failure…

But it turned out to be ME!

Anyway, something good did come out of my day dedicated to color…

photo 1 (5)


after several misses, my daughter suggested I go web surfing… I had been consciously avoiding it because I was sure that was the way to achieve something truly original… though the only thing I was achieving was making myself anxious and terribly sad at my apparent failure

… so I surfed and found inspiration and finally got up the courage to go ahead with one of my biggest canvas…

today I took it to school and they were pleased with the result!

I liked the effect a lot, kind of a diffused strié… a bit vaporous and ethereal

Not a palette I am used to, my stuff is mostly bright in color and topic, landscapes had never been my theme of preference… so this was quite a surprise…

Once I got inspired and found my long-lost brush stroke, it took me a bit over two hours to finish it…yeah, I know… jajajaaa

So now, the only thing left for me to say is


to all of you who sent your best vibes and wonderful wishes of success and patience, you had lots to do with the courage I needed to do this… I am in debt 🙂


__________________ is not like riding a bike!

huge hugs people!!


10 responses to “ACT… painting is not like riding a bike

  1. Jajajaaa…yes, mothering is not the same the second time around… it does catch us again by surprise!!! I can imagine a writer having to stop writing and then taking it up again, it hurts remembering you were good and not remembering how you did it or feeling those strategies don’t work anymore… yikes…OOooooh, meeting new people, now that changes with age, i think! specially complicated if you are an introvert like me… thank you my lovely friend for liking my post 🙂 that makes me very happy to read

  2. WELL DONE, friend! I am so glad for you, and of course they were pleased with the outcome! Re: ________ is not like riding a bike:
    writing, mothering, meeting new people, etc! Loved this post.

  3. Ah, practice is a never ending thing! But it’s so nice because you discover new things every time, and I mean EVERY time! 🙂 Happy painting …with sweet Bonnie! xxxxx

  4. Oh my adorable Bonnie, she’s my companion in good and bad! I’m glad thisnturned out to be a good moment :)Yes Marina, I am so glad I did not give up, it gave me a chance to discover this new brshstroke/effect in me which I love and have to take advantage of, right?! I need to practice!!! Thanks for you lovely and encouraging words my dear friend, happy thursday to you as well, big hug and take care

  5. Yes, my dear friend you know how that feels! I do like how it turned out and discovering that brushstroke in me was amazing, specially after being away from painting for so long… Of course this is all from a beginners point of view 🙂
    I do wish I could do a painting at least every other day, I need the practice… Oh, the close ups, yes, there I wish it wasn’t so flat, I like to see globs of paint, I love how they shine!!! Thank you as always for your encouragement Stu, it means a lot, big hug

  6. Well done Alexandra. That is a beautiful abstract landscape painting. I love all the close ups of the strokes and effects. What a lovely feeling to complete a piece like that and be happy with it. 🙂

  7. I am really glad you didn’t give up my dear Alexandra.
    Look at those beautiful paintings!
    Well done! Here’s to many more to follow!
    Happy Thursday!
    🙂 xxxxx
    PS: Bonnie well done for smiling at her!

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