THINK… out of your range


I just can’t seem to talk your talk.

I despise the rhetoric and demagogy, hypocrisy and self-serving discourse of politicians, and anything related with our national tv shows and celebrities. First obstacle in my communication with you…

I can only talk a bit about sports, I identify but a few soccer or golf players, know even less about plays and scores. I do try, though it is quite obvious, I haven’t tried enough. Second obstacle…


I won’t play that bullying game you play with your family, where you put the person, metaphorically, against the wall till they admit their mistake. Yes, this is how you communicate with them and yes, I’m calling it bullying. That’s how it feels when I’m the one pressed for a quick answer or admission of fault or guilt. Who knew adults also succumbed to it, both as a recourse for assertion of power and as a “victim” of it. But I guess it has always existed just under another name: verbal abuse. I’m glad you don’t do it often, because I don’t know how much I could take before I answer back and get a terrible avalanche started. For now, my choice has been to avoid your missile trayectory and to try to make sense of your dire mood.

Love conquers all.
Love you forever.

For me, these phrases go deeper and wider than they do for you.

I don’t dare contaminate the sublime feeling of love with absolutes or expressions of power.


24hrs have passed and you are back to your same loving self.

I’m glad you keep falling into the pattern I discovered,  a few years ago, you follow… I am thankful you are sometimes predictable…

So I breathe again, the storm has passed, though this time it did leave a trace… You found me in a state of inner peace and huge physical fatigue, so I just observed and listened attentively and gave this miserable moment a name… Of course, now that it has a name I can look for a way to fix, alleviate, protect myself from the next outburst… however, now that it has a name, much like with an illness, it becomes real…

Your hair is too long…

Why do you always wear the same clothes?

You are so easily influenced?

So you are stuck in that painting style which I don’t really like…

as my son once told me as I picked him up from school, “Hey mom, guess what! I’ve got my own bully…”

Love you forever.

Love conquers all.


hugs people



4 responses to “THINK… out of your range

  1. Control? Not on the list :/ ok, I need to really focus and open my mind to the possibilities of these 6 motivators… Ooohhh, which of this he is lacking! I think he feels he has no say in what happens, so maybe contribution…significance… Well, yeah it’s been his choice to be absent for such long periods (though he would say he has had no choice, potatoe-potato) but I think he’s a bit confused about what he can contribute in and what he can’t… This is sooooo interesting my friend! I need to explore more… 🙂 thank you

  2. When people are behaving a certain way they are trying to satisfy one or other of their 6 main motivators: #1 Certainty #2 Variety #3 Significance #4 Love/Connection #5 Growth #6 Contribution. Think about which of these he is lacking and is trying to satisfy with his behaviour. You might find it very revealing.

  3. Probablemente Honey!! It rang a bell?! it’s complicated, we’ve got our own hormonal mood swings to keep under control and now we need to watch out for the incoming missiles… could it also be hormonal for them? I can be cool about it after it’s blown away, but at that moment I just breathe in deeply and repeat sanity mantras to myself… love you back my dear friend xoxo

  4. Me puse chinita de la piel…. Love conquers all? I don’t know what to say. I have been identified with you since we were 14. Now as adults, I am surprised at how much our lives are similar. ¿Serían los churritos del Bigos en la prepa? luv ya ale..

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