THINK… about LIFE’s lessons

The Lesson by Sean Hopp

You and I share the most unstoppable, ruthless, sneaky, inexplicable, devoted teacher there is, and her name is LIFE… She’s always got a lesson prepared for us, even, or specially, when we are not in the mood to be taught

Today, was one of those days, I wasn’t looking to learn something new, I had the day off… I had been studying and teaching, creating and preparing class for the week and for the whole month, I needed a brain break…

But Life had a good one prepared… it wasn’t intended for me directly, but I was there, so I took a seat and listened

Life had a tough lesson for my husband and it followed with a quizz, the unexpected kind, because that’s the whole point of a quizz, to catch you off guard, just when you are feeling cool, calm and collected…BAM, put on your thinking caps because this is going to be a good one, one you will never forget

As I heard Life speak in her serious tone I noticed a difference in how she approaches men and women when teaching a lesson (disclaimer: there have been only two men in my life, my dad and my husband, and Life had them going crazy with additions, subtractions and multiplication of currency, so my theory is based on them… yes, I may have no idea what I am talking about) …

with men, she often uses money to get her message through… with us, women, she uses other things like health, both mental and physical :/

with men, she also mixes in friendship with the money strategy…

So today’s lesson involved these two variables money and friendship… which, let’s be honest, should not be part of the same sentence unless it’s in a quote, like this one by Mario Puzo, “Friendship and money: oil and water”

If you dare try to mix them, it means that one of the two is not real…

It was hard seeing my husband go through this lesson, I tried to be present and silent but I really wanted to know what was going through his mind at this time… he was really pissed, that’s for sure, but what else?…

So I gently, sweetly, prudently said, “women in this situation go out and gossip to death about the other woman… what do men do?”

He looked at me and, trying to fight it, he answered, “the same…”

Though, with men it’s not called gossip, I think they call it A FRIENDLY CAUTION…

However, I am worried because my husband is not like this, he is the epitome of prudency… when I think of a prudent person, my grandmother comes first to mind, then him… meaning that, he either just blurts it out to a friend or he’ll carry this to the grave (which I think is the most probable)

I am not an advocate of gossip, no matter the reason or circumstance, I hate gossip… nevertheless, keeping it all in is not the best idea…

I know he won’t tell me every detail, and that’s OK but I do pray he finds a friend to open up to and just curse to his heart’s content…

For now, my only advice (I did not say more because my son was taking notes of every word) was LEAVE IT TO KARMA, destiny, final judgement…God….oh, oh and the ruthless teacher called Life to teach him a thing or two about the value of Friendship and the ethical way of making Money

My husband, as I see it, lost nothing today, because that man was not a  true friend, however, that man did lose more than he will ver realize…

Bear hug therapy for hubby this weekend

What’s the hardest lesson Life has taught you? Did you learn the lesson well? 🙂

hugs lovely people


7 responses to “THINK… about LIFE’s lessons

  1. Thank for cheering me on …. only 7 days now and New York here I come with my sorry ass. *smile
    Have a fantastic weekend now.

  2. I an see another side effect your cancer treatment left you with, and that is WISDOM!! You know when to stop and feel and when to shake it off… You are admirable my friend.. huge Wednesday hug to you as well Viveka, take care

  3. I’m also a strong believer in that if we are not happy with ourselves and what we are … how can we be happy together with somebody else???
    I think that if we decide to have a great day when we step out of bed in the morning – we will get a great day and if something not so great happens to the day we can handle it so much better. The other day with my colonoscopy I didn’t get out of bed with a great mind and I think that made my day what it came to in the end.
    During my cancer treatment I learned that … life is not standing still waiting for me to catch up with it – have to dive into so soon as possible … I hate all the aftermaths the cancer has given me to live with for rest of my life, but I can’t let them rule my life more than necessary. Wednesday hug to you.

  4. “the first minutes of every meeting is the most important of the whole meeting” this piece of advice is worthy of being passed along to all!! so true my dear friend 🙂 Oh yes, our reaction/attitude to our everyday lives depends solely on us not on the event or circumstances, very well said… let me see, oooh, one huge life lesson I learned, though I had heard it to infinity, until I finally lived it was that my happiness is my own responsibility, no one else will give me the true, deep, long-lasting happiness I want because they are not in my life to do that… some hug therapy for you my friend, take care!!

  5. What a wonderful view on life …. you have given us here.
    And I love the idea of hug therapy …. I don’t think we hug each other often enough.
    I don’t know if life have really taught me any hard lesson – but life has taught me that it’s totally up to me … if I’m going to have a good day or not. And that the first minutes of every meeting is the most important of the whole meeting, doesn’t matter if between man and woman, boss and staff … or the girl at the till in the supermarket.

  6. I find that mostly, the lessons life have taught me I see via the rear view mirror. It’s hard to learn them whilst we’re going through it. Reflection can be a good view finder.

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