ACT… towards some SELF-HEALING

OK, by now it would seem that I get some kind of commission or something, right?! but I don’t… I just want to share and let you in on the opportunity to learn to understand yourself, your body, your mind guided by some VIPs in the field at no cost…

I have never been to therapy, not because I have never needed it, jajajajaa…I wish… no, because I have never been quite able to afford it, so finding these free conferences is a God sent…

However, there is a catch to making the most of these opportunities. We know that at some level they are a kind of infomercial for these experts’ products, BUT, you can still get A LOT from them if you listen to them with the intention of ultimately doing some self-help with all they offered…

To do this, you might need to listen twice to the session; the first time to see if it speaks to you, if it touches or helps you uncover a personal situation or need, and this can only happen if you listen mindfully, attentively, specially if you don’t know the speakers focus beforehand… When you see yourself in his area of expertise, so to say, then you listen again with pad and pencil in hand and take notes as if you’d be tested on it later… because life will test you later, at least that’s what’s happened to me!

And it’s in that second listening that you start to do the self-healing…

Of course, there are those who will be able to invest in the experts’ products, which is such a cool thing to do as well!!

Anyway, I’m one of those that can’t go that way at this moment, so I take notes and sit silently with myself to absorb and heal!

Aaah, so what am I talking about?

heal yourself

So, how about it?! I already signed up… there’s always something new to learn out there, we just have to be open to it…

click on the image to go there or type PROJECTHEALYOURSELF.COM in your favorite browser (the link takes me to a blank page because I signed up before writing this post :/ so I can’t hyperlink, but you can type it, right?!)

How about it? Are you up for more *free* therapy?

Hugs lovely people

featured image from HERE

7 responses to “ACT… towards some SELF-HEALING

  1. Cool, I’ll be on the look out for his conference… I’ve yet to read each presenters bio, but I am sure there will be something good to learn from all… always open to learning 🙂 big hug my friend

  2. I can certainly vouch for Bob Proctor (one of the 14) – I did his Goal Achiever’s Program a couple of years ago and it was very helpful. He’s been a mentor of mine ever since. 🙂

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