TURNING 40…and chatting with my sweet friend GABY

So yesterday we left off with Gaby telling us about how her perception and strategy to deal with stuff has changed throughout her life…

ME: So, sweetheart tell us, how do you now deal with DIFFICULT SITUATIONS?

GABY: I have learned to identify what is worthy of me worrying and what isn’t. I used to be a worry wart, now I take the good and the bad as opportunity for growth.

ME: Totally agree with you…how about DIFFICULT PEOPLE?

GABY: I try to be selective of the people that surround me, I like to be near positive people, people I can learn from, however I do try not to judge those “difficult people” because we have no idea what circumstances have led them to that attitude. Besides, I try not to take everything personal, that has helped a lot. Plus the fact that I know I can sometimes be difficult myself though I try to get a grip.

ME: Chocala my friend! jeje…When I accepted that I wanted t give myself permission to choose the people that I wanted around me I felt I became friendlier and much more easy going, that a huge burden of having to make friends with every one was lifted…and at the same time, of course, recognizing (although that didn’t take much effort) that I may be the difficult party under certain circumstances, NO SOMOS PERITAS EN DULCE, verdad chula?! jajajaaa

Anywhooo, iluminame and tell me how you deal with CRITICISM…

GABY: Now this is a good one because I used to be sooooo selfconcious and worried always about others opinion of me, it worried me infinitely to not be up to their standards until one day I realized that one can never please everyone, I know it sounds so obvious but it is really hard to practice in real life. It’s a process that has taken me years. I try to take criticism in the most positive way not overlooking who it comes from…when all is said and done, what people don’t like about me is their problem, not mine.

ME: I with you my friend, my husband has always told me that who the opinion comes from is half of the story, the most important half, and the other half is how you decide to take it… and yes, being their problem and not ours, easier said than done specially when I am the one judging, YIKES!! whew, deep thoughts jajaaa…but enough about me 🙂 give you strategy for dealing with MISTAKES…

GABY: Well, I learn from them and I take them as a chance to be a little better each day. I feel awful when I talk about them but at the same time it reminds me that I’m human and that they are a part of out growth.

ME: taking them any other way would most definitely drive us crazyyyyy…PRIORITIES?

GABY: Oh my, they have changed along with me. My first priority is to be a better human being in all sense, to be well physically, emotionally and spiritually. Being OK with myself makes me be OK with the people around me.


ME: Honey, we are all work in progress, and it’s understandable, we’re only 40 years young 🙂 …how has your SELF-IMAGE and SELF-CONCEPT changed?

GABY: I am not as harsh on myself as I used to be, I’m still working on that and it is a bit complicated but I’m getting better. Physically, I’m still having trouble with my weight, nevertheless, today I am more conscious of the need to take care of myself, all in all I can say that I feel content and satisfied…Growing old has never been one of my worries, it is a part of life and I welcome that stage. Besides they say that 40s are the new 30s…

ME: jajajaa I have never quite understood that analogy or maybe it’s the fact that at 30 I had a little girl and was going through a rough phase so to me 40s being the new 30s isn’t a very welcome concept…I guess TODO DEPENDE EN DE COMO TE HAYA IDO EN LA FERIA, right?!

OK, people, this is part two of our chat and for tomorrow we’ll have part three and a huge birthday wish for GABY…


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