TURNING 40…and getting to know Gaby

My lovely friend! She’s not a blogger but she is a fabulous baker and maker of all things delicious, lovely and sweet much like her disposition…

Lady Cake Maker

Ask anyone that knows her and that’s what they’ll say: she’s the sweetest there is, although that’s not all she has to offer, besides her baking skills, she’s got this ability (which I enjoy so much about her) to enhance any conversation with the appropriate proverb, saying, quote, specially our famous DICHOS MEXICANOS (mexican sayings) that don’t come up very often but Gaby has them all ready and waiting to embellish the conversation making it all the more joyful to chat with her!!

And this is what we’re doing today, chatting with her about her thoughts, plans, wishes and dreams for her upcoming 40th birthday!

ME: Hi sweetheart, I’m very happy and grateful that you are also part of this TURNING 40 series which lets us celebrate together eventhough we are miles apart, so why don’t we start off by reminiscing about the past. Since when have we known each other?

GABY: To be exact, we’ve known each other since we were in highschool back in 1987, it’s been 25 years now!!!! I think we’ve shared since so many fun, happy and important moments in our lives. Life has taken us to different cities however I feel as if we’ve had this chance to reunite and to find out that we have many things in common, that we think and like similar things…I love having you as a friend…

ME: Oh Gaby, you see, you are the sweetest! Thank you, I feel the same way. I am so grateful for having you as a friend, so dear to my heart!! I love knowing that we shared such fun moments, do you have a favorite memory or time in your life?

GABY: I think I’ve enjoyed all the decades in my life, I’ve had marvelous, sad, dificult, happy, learning and growth experiences all throughout my life. I’ve met special people, some still with us, some have come and gone, some are not physically with us, but every single one of them has left something important in me. I learned to make friends, loved for the first time, fought against an illness that had me on the brink of death- from which, thank God, I made it through. I made several bad decisions,had professional achievements, suffered beacuse of love, I didn’t always get what I wanted, but up until today I can say that I’m happy. I think the past gives us the opportunity to gather experience to try to avoid repeating our same mistakes in the future. I also think that what’s important is to live the moment, i like to live the present, to enjoy it to the max, however I also feel that the best is yet to come! 

ME: I love how you see into your past, you highlight the good without making believe there was no bad, it’s as if the bed moments have made the good seem better, does this make any sense?! So through all this your view on life must have gone through several changes, has your self-image changed at all?

GABY: I’ve changed a lot. I am much more relaxed, I give each thing its due importance and don’t dweel on stuff. I used to get extremely stressed out as the Virgo I am, I wanted for everything to be perfect, for everything I did to come out just as I wanted. I still try to have control over every detail, which of course, is impossible. I used to live a life of stress induced alergies. So I had to learn to relax and to understand that I can’t control every thing, that I don’t have to please everyone always…all this has taken me many years and visits to my doctor. However, today I am happier, at peace and allergy-free. 

ME: and now, sweetheart, how do you describe yourself?

GABY: Happy, loyal, hard working, easy-going, honest, fun, intelligent, creative, sociable, friendly, sharing, expressive and loud, jajajaaa!!!

ME: and we love you for this and more!! How about dealing with those awkward moments, besides taking a more relaxed approach, how has your strategy changed from when we were in highschool to now?

GABY: Oh yes, I’ve changed a lot!


and I’d better hurry because GABY’s birthday is right around the corner…

hugs people!!



5 responses to “TURNING 40…and getting to know Gaby

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  2. Mi reina linda, en la vispera de tu cumple y yo trabajando en otro de tus posts lo cual lo acompannio por una sicera y sentida disculpa por no haber administrado bien mi tiempo y dosificar tu info, ni te voy a marear con lo ajetreada que ha estado mi vida desde que llegue y volví al trabajo, pero yo estoy también súper contenta de que estemos festejandote así!! hugs and kisses to you my sweet friend

  3. Ale, gracias por las cosas lindas que dices de mi… Me encanto compartir un poco de mi para el blog… Besos…

  4. Que padre! I’m learning so much about Gaby! Y es exactamente como la describes. I miss her! Donde anda que desde hace dias no la encuentro en Social Media? Muy buen post, as usual.

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