REACT… to feeling the need for guidance

I am so confused…

I have been a teacher for so long… today I realized I am in serious need of trading places and being the student again…

I am lost…

I am looking for a teacher to teach me how to teach like I’ve never taught before… or as one would say: I am the old dog that needs to be taught new tricks, PLEASE!!

I’ve started my search online for guidance…

this is the first link I chose and it opened with this phrase:

Everyone has the capacity to write,

writing can be taught,

and teachers can help students become better writers

OK, that’s me…

So, besides 25 freewriting and several prompt-inspired exercises (oh yes, guess what I did! I used some of the great WordPress Daily Prompts to get my students doing some creative writing AND THEY’VE BEEN A HIT!! WOOOHOOO)

I’ve self-assigned for my self-taught course on teaching writing two introductory documents:

From the National Council of Teachers of English, NCTE, Beliefs About the Teaching of Writing

and from the PEW Internet and American Life Project the report titled Writing, Technology and Teens

I have so much to gain and a little sleep to lose, right?!

hugs people and please send me concentration and comprehension vibes

Nerd cap ON

btw, nerd caps from

5 responses to “REACT… to feeling the need for guidance

  1. Jajajajaaaa… Oh yes, I care enough to have plan a,b,c…prepared in case one doesn’t work try the next, but it seems that nothing has worked with the research paper, they hate writing it, and the whole process leading up to it… Aaaarrrggghhh, it’s a must in academic writing plus it implicitely creates important habits like giving credit to your sources to avoid plagiarism… Thank you my dear Safi, love to hear from you

  2. DISCOVERY inspires me, to work towards and feel personal growth also inspires me! I looked for guidance among my fellow teachers and i got two things: flunk them or change your teaching strategy, from a workshop to a book, pencil, whiteboard class… Aaaaaahhhh, :/ writing doesn’t work that way… The first reading (read half last night) is of huge help and even reassurance in my techniques (self-developed, btw) so, I’m not that off base, the reassurance is proving to be quite inspiring! Students declare (on a daily basis, jajaja) their love for me but their hate towards the task… I’ve told them the paper and I are one, hate it and you hate me :/ …. They just stand there looking at me in response… Teenagers!!! Thanks so much my dear friend 🙂

  3. My advice – become inspired yourself. From that place you will inspire others. What inspires YOU?

  4. You’ll get there, because you care enough. I still remember the day I decided to teach script writing by showing a short extract of The Simpsons and asking them to script it…. forgot to state that Bart wasn’t allowed to swear throughout!!! hahahaha

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