THINK… about making peace with TIME

Yes, you and I work better as a team and not as rivals!

I have no idea (as most of the time on most of the subjects) when this happened, this shift in attitude, wonderful, miraculous, indeed…

The phrase came suddenly to mind this morning as I calmly prepared breakfast…

I have reconciled with time.

Make Peace With Time Meditation

I am no longer holding a grudge against it. I am not cursing it, nor am I belittling it.

I am not wishing for a three day weekend and 4 day work week.

I am not counting the hours before I can go home and when I’m home, the hours before I can go to bed and end the day.

Nor do I want more hours to “do everything I still have on my to-do list”… because, guess what, and I know you already knew this, it’s not time’s fault I don’t cross off more than I actually do, when I even get to cross off something…

Someone, somewhere, once decided for some reason that the day would be made up of 24hrs, not precisely divided 50-50, day and night, but, nevertheless, 24…

Not too much time and not too little… just right, if you appreciate it!

I have finally understood that my 24hrs can be filled with as much or as little activity as I want…

To commemorate this new found respect for time as a great ally, I have declared Saturday, my official day off, a day to celebrate time for rest and recharge.

The family is not really enjoying this but my body and my mind are… and they, my body and mind, thank me Sunday morning and reward me on Monday with clearer thinking and healthy energy.

I work with time and I rest with it as well… It is such a powerful force, it defines all our days, the beginning and the end, we can not make it go longer or shorter, we can only use it wisely!

Ok, bathtime and bedtime, the day is done and I am grateful for each moment good or not so good, I lived it fully, I embraced and appreciated each of the 24 gifts I got today!

here are some incredibly inspirational quotes about the use of time:


How’s your relationship with time?

hugs people 🙂

6 responses to “THINK… about making peace with TIME

  1. Yeah, it kind of does but that is my big change, I have finally given myself TIME off, not wasted time, just down, relax, recharge time… I had always believed that in my life, the moments i am not running from one point to another were all wasted, but i was just accumulating fatigue… I was always tired because I did not use time to my advantage… As my dear friend Laura said, I am no longer in a hurry 🙂

  2. Funny, it seems the quotes you chose Alexandra suggest making the best of the time we have in a productive way. Yet I get the feeling from your post you want to spend time ‘doing’ nothing. I too wish to do this more often as I feel I’m on a treadmill most days! 🙂

  3. I had my own epiphany not too long ago. Venia wn el carro conmigo mi hija mayor y me dijo: porque ahora manejad como abuela?, antes eras un cafre histerico…. Mi respuesta: ya no tengo prisa 🙂

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