This is one of the infinite things I spend my cleaning time thinking about…

 Hypothetically Speaking, could it be that…





OK, let me explain how I came to this hypothesis…


the person keeps her stuff superbly organized…in her drawers you can find everything neatly and perfectly folded, each drawer keeps certain things, there’s no mixed or catch-all drawer, in the closet all the suits are in plastic bags from the cleaners (even after she has already used it for the first time after it’s back from being dry cleaned, it goes back in the bag), when packing, she’s a pro, nothing gets wrinkled…and in general you won’t find any of her stuff lying around: everything is in a drawer or inside a cabinet…it’s like she isn’t even here

on the other hand, she has an absolute INTOLLERANCE towards other people’s stuff, she gets really worked up at seeing things lying around, she doesn’t care if it’s being used, she puts it away, she hates seeing toys lying around, she doesn’t care if they are neatly put away, all she wants is that they are OUT OF HER SIGHT, that goes for everything else except her stuff…

CONCLUSION: She does not care to express her feelings, she has her emotional stuff UNDER CONTROL (who knows if she’s just silencing her soul or REALLY TAKING CARE OF HER STUFF)…and when it comes to others EMOTIONAL STUFF, well simply: don’t bother her with it, she really doesn’t have the time and patience to deal with YOUR stuff, when she’s near you should control your emotions and SMILE with no trace of inner turmoil…


the person’s motto is THE ORDER OF CAOS, she knows where everything is but don’t YOU try to find something in her stuff because even if she’s told you IT’S THERE you won’t find it….she needs to have her stuff around her always, most of the time this is pruductive caos, most of the time!, but there are other times that she doesn’t know where to start or can’t find the end of the task among her cummulative surroundings…

when dealing with other people’s stuff, she knows how to walk among toys without stepping and breaking anything, cramped spaces, in her mind, just need a little TLC to get back on track, an orderly house, to her is a house that no one lives in, a house that no one enjoys, a house that only serves as a place to sleep…a bit of caos makes things real… apparent PERFECTION is a sign that you are keeping BIG stuff from her, she doesn’t trust perfection or excessive cleanliness, she likes and expresses satisfaction for clean smells, lovely perfumes, mouth watering kitchen aromas but doesn’t expect to find things intact, she isn’t bothered, in fact, she likes to see the stuff you used in your life, for example if she comes over for a visit, don’t run to hide the clothes you just took out of the dryer, don’t hurry and make your bed, don’t close the bedroom doors if there’s a mess, to her THAT IS LIFE, a lived in house is not a perfect house…

CONCLUSION: She has no problem with talking about her emotions and is there to listen to yours, she will sense if you are faking a smile or if you are keeping the truth from her, she will not trample upon your inner most thoughts, she will talk slowly and will carefully choose her words to show respect and empathy for you and your emotional stuff, she may not have her emotions in order but neither does she make believe they are, she’s real and even a bit overwhelmed by it all, most of the time she’s an emotional mess, but a productive emotional mess



this person has it very clear what needs to be put out of other’s sight and what can be left out in public…she does her best to have a clean, organized home without making it feel like a hospital room, she leaves reminders of her life  and loved ones out in everyone’s view because she is proud of them, she leaves toys in semi-order because they belong to the loves of her life, she leaves books open, pens, papers lying around on her desk because she is always working and it is part of her, it defines her… she is very aware of other people’s opinions and takes the good and disregards the bad, so if people are coming over who she knows will criticize her having her yarns and needles in a basket in the living room, she doesn’t care, she leaves them there because it’s her house, on the other hand, she makes it a point to have a clean bathroom, kitchen and entrance…that is a self-imposed MUST

CONCLUSION: You can count on her to listen to you but gets blocked when she feels you’ve aired too much, she is true to what she believes is stuff you can share and what stuff you should talk to your priest about or even a therapist, she  can’t deal with other’s overwhelming stuff, as well as being easily overwhelmed by her own stuff so she makes it a point to not let emotional clutter get the best of her

OK, so there you have three cases for you to consider…I could give you  one or two more but I think I’ve made my point… so now tell me: what do you think of my HYPOTHESIS? could it be? do you have an example to prove the theory wrong? do you find yourself in any of these cases?

 read you soon!



  1. Terrific publish admin thank you. I located what i used to be looking for here. I’ll review complete of posts on this day time

  2. i bookmarked you in my browser admin thank you a lot i will probably be trying to find your subsequent posts

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  4. I’m caught between the 3.. Can it be I’m a Gemini and can handle multiple personalities? Love to read you Ale.. mil gracias por tu post!

  5. aaajajajaaa! not a psychic just living a life of ‘research- painful, thought provoking, learning the lesson the hard way kind of RESEARCH’…Y a mi tampoco me da pena admitirlo: case b is based on ME…oh sister, we are kindred -emotionally messed up but productive- spirits…xoxo

  6. OMG, are you a psychic or what!! I am reading you over and over. I can attest to Case A. You nailed it! I know someone (not me!) who fits that description.
    I think I identified somewhat with the Case B “productive emotional mess” at least that’s what I’ve felt like these last few days. No me da pena admitirlo. Great post!

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