ACT.REACT.THINK… Mexico, you don’t deserve this!

Those families shouldn’t have to be going through this…

The President and First Lady shouldn’t have to be offering consollation to yet another group of victims of ‘human error’, ‘bad weather’ and whatever other motive they might give the crash and loss of these government officials’ (colleagues and friends’) lives…

I don’t know if anyone of you reading this post have been present in such a solemne luctuous ceremony… This was my first AND LAST TIME (at least that’s what I pray for!!)


It’s hard for me to give my train of thought any order, I’m just overwhelmed with all sorts of negative feelings…

GRIEF for the children who will now have to grow up without a father to guide, support and protect them…

EMPATHY for the wives who will now have to be both father and mother, who will have to find strength (hopefully in their faith) and will power when what they knew as a normal life has ended, they will need to take control and reconstruct a new form of normalcy for them and for their children

RESENTMENT towards all the stupidity that’s being written and said all over the media that only fuels the country’s thrist for revenge. The media know their POWER over this nation and they use it by putting men against men

IMPOTENCE at seeing how many people’s (including my husband and all his coleagues) lives will be affected and are know starting to prepare themselves for the possible loss of their jobs- but that’s politics at least in our country…

and well…

SADNESS that once again DEATH is the force that takes me backhome.

Ten years ago I lived here in Mexico City, we had no immediate intentions of going back home, we wanted to give this city a chance and give ourselves a chance to make a life here but my grandmother died and that made us think about the value of family and what life we wanted our children to have so we went back…now the opportunity to work as part of President Calderon’s team brought us back and death has put an end to this wonderful project my husband was a part of.

In the end, and aside from all this sadness and negativity, I am GRATEFUL to GOD, to LIFE for bringing us back here, a place where my children appreciated so many things they had no idea of living in a small town surrounded only by people you know.

Having come here, having to addapt to a different way of speaking, a much faster way of life, to children being as open as only lifetime friends are and being accepted immediately, making important friendships HAS NO PRICE.

They now know what being the outsider is about and I expect that from now on they will be the first to approach the new kid in school and give him or her the kind and heartwarming wellcome they got here.

I always knew our stay here was temporary BUT NEVER EVER IMAGINED IT WOULD END LIKE THIS.

We, my husband all our friends (colleagues and families) and I, never doubted that the team that came here together would leave Mexico City together to go back home and continue serving our community…Only God knew how this would turn out…


7 responses to “ACT.REACT.THINK… Mexico, you don’t deserve this!

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  2. Hi, I’m sorry, but what do you mean by: the contribution is greatly endorsed by us? This post (and all the blog’s content, for that matter) is of my own inspiration and is neither backed nor endorsed by anyone. Thank you

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  4. Ale,

    Pienso en lo triste y dificil que fue estar ahi, por todo lo que describes y porque muchos de ellos eran amigos, compañeros de trabajo y personas cercanas a ustedes… Ademas de que es algo que nos duele a todos los mexicanos… El sentimiento de tristeza es colectivo..

  5. dudé en escribir de esto que me tocó vivir, pero como digo en el post: I NEEDED TO VENT…además es parte de mi vida en el DF, no con esto me apropio la situación, para nada, lo platico desde mi lugar cercano mas no central…es empatía y solidaridad con el equipo de Baja como ellos se llaman…si, Ya que salíamos todos, nos detuvimos frente a las familias sosteniendo las imagenes de los companieros…fue desgarrador…

  6. Ya quería leerte y ver tu percepción de esta situación tan triste, es muy valioso lo que escribes pues le das sentido a lo que estamos sintiendo. Da mucho coraje leer las cosas sin sentido que dice mucha gente, pero ignoremoslos. Alla ellos y sus conciencias.
    Ver las imágenes de los niños llorando por sus padres es algo que te parte el alma. Pero gracias a Dios que pudiste acompañar a tu marido en ese momento tan difícil. Animo y fe. Es todo lo que podemos pedir para ellos.

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