THINK…11.11.11 and all that hype

I honestly hadn’t paid any special attention to the date, just considered it a seredipitous coincidence, but dismissed it thinking that next year we’ll have 12.12.12 and that WILL be much more relevant to me because December 12 is DÍA DE LA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE …

let’s come back to today…

as I was saying I didn’t give it much thought and wasn’t looking for any special signs that the world would end or any other hype…HOWEVER, life did end for some very important people…People near to my husband’s heart

Today a whole group of people (8) including the Secretary of State (I’m not quite sure this is the correct translation for Secretario de Gobernación) died in a horrific helicopter crash… To me and to many people this is a terrible accident but to others it’s KARMA, it’s REVENGE, it’s the effect of 11.11.11

I understand wanting to get answers to this, but saying that it was the gods’ fury unleashed today 11.11.11 IS JUST DUMB…these are the times when I wish there was some kind of censorship on stupidity applied throughout the web, specially on twitter where apparently all’s fair…

Sadly, this date will be forever remembered by my husband, his colleagues in government and by all the families that  came to live to Mexico City supporting our husbands/fathers in this opportunity to work side by side with the President

Rest in Peace Secretario Blake, J.A. García and the rest of the victims, my prayers go to their wives and children 

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