Recap, THINKING ABOUT…turning 40

And why am I THINKING ABOUT turning 40? Porque estoy en la cuenta regresiva, I’m going to be 40 in a few months.

I’m supposed to be turning into an adult, a different kind of adult or another level of adulthood, it’s very complicated,  I do know I don’t feel grown up yet. I have all the obligations and surroundings of an adult, but I don’t want to surrender to it. Does anyone relate?

As a friend said, ”If this is what being an adult is, then why don’t I look like my mother when she was my age?” Yeah! I don’t look like my mom either, I don’t speak like my mom, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, I don’t use expensive anti-wrinkle creams, I don’t wear my fingernails long and perfectly manicured. Maybe it’s not that I’m redefining myself, rather we, my generation is redefining what being an adult is and what the new adult looks like.

I found the article looking for some peace of mind. Hoping to find some expert voice saying, “Don’t worry about it, this is what you should do…”. Very mature of me, right?! Expecting  to get an instruction manual on how to survive and conquer this moment in my life. Well, why not? if someone took the time to tell us WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN WE’RE EXPECTING, then WHAT TO EXPECT THE FIRST YEAR of your child’s life, there are also hundred’s of books telling us what to expect from your teenager (aside from the fact that YOU WERE ONE)…why wouldn’t there be something in this vast information world on WHAT TO EXPECT FROM YOUR FORTIES?!

I did find some info, not the pep talk I wanted. Most of what I found had a huge BEWARE you are about to enter hostile territory sign all over, talking about how skin sags, how bones start to loose strength, how ‘everything’ starts to dry out…A SAD STORY… until I came upon this article that instead of alarming the reader (ME) it had a whole other focus. This article reminds us that IT’S ABOUT TIME WE GAVE OURSELVES THE CHANCE TO SHINE. This is the moment when we have to make up for time past, not time lost, because we are a result of what we have lived, but time past, time mothering, time working, time turning a house into a home and time climbing a very steep path towards becoming a woman.

So this article is a list of everything we need ‘to pack’ when going on this amazing trip into ‘hostile territory’.

Reading the list I feel that I need to reorganize not by number but by necessity or propability even cross out some points that don’t go with my personality. So my categories are:


How about you?

After this pep talk and the great article, I think I’m fine with how I’m aging. I think I’m rebelling against the adult prototype I grew up with. My mom is an adult from the top of her perfectly done coif to the tip of her perfectly pedicured toes. Me, I’m an adult that cherishes time and tries to use it wisely and productively IF I FEEL LIKE IT, if not I waste it on THINKING!!

READ YOU SOON, READ ME SOON…beware hostile territory ahead

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