REACT…You’re approaching the FOURTH floor!! Chatting with my sister-friend…

OK, so this wasn’t a pie crust promise (bless your adorable heart Mary Poppins)…through out a couple of posts I’ll be sharing with you the thoughts, worries, goals and unforgettable memories of my lovely lady friends who, as I, are turning 40 this year…


I’m going to share with you  the fabulous chat (one of millions) I had with my sister-friend, long time blogger, incredible photographer, oh my, an all over amazing person!

images from ABOUT post and Wordless Wednesday: Macy’s Glamorama LA benefit for AIDS Project LA post

She’s been in my life and now in my children’s life ever since I can remember…her opinion guides me in many decisions…she is wise beyond her years!!

OK, so let’s get to this very enlightening SPANGLISH  chat…

Cristy, how long have we known each other?

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we were a pair of lovely pig-tailed girls in uniform at Catholic school…the best at reading and spelling!!

Now that we’re in full memory mode, do you have a favorite decade?  

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You’ve always loved Woody Allen, I remember telling you that I thought he was so SELF-CENTERED…jajajaaa…and now look at me WRITING ABOUT MYSELF AND THE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE…talk about being SELF-CENTERED!!! maybe we come to an age where we value so much what we’ve got that we want to immortalize it in any way we can…you and I: WE BLOG!! Woody Allen: makes movies… potatoe/potatoJAJAJAA, totally!!

Sister, you’re the best at talking about ENCOURAGEMENT TO BE CREATIVE… you’ve shown me how to embrace, develop and bring to life my creativity through all these means that I had no idea could make such a difference in how I made my dreams a reality!! I too believe that the best is yet to come!!

So many things have changed throughout our very clean, well- behaved lives…how has your SELF-CONCEPT changed from when you (and I and every teenager) started labelling yourself to now?

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“I think that before I used to care too much what others thought about me and my opinions. I was much NICER and PRUDENT. My selfimposed label was THE GOOD GIRL. I had a self-censoring button that I would constantly push. I don’t use it that much any more, I speak up more often.

I’m still quite prudent and have come to realize that there are things that aren’t so important (like what others say about me or the rigorous question when I’m visiting home: WHY HAVEN’T YOU MARRIED?) from this I have learned to protect my peace of mind identifying that which is worthy of second thought and that which is worthy of  forgetting, for example: so what if he didn’t call back…NEXT!!

I can’t say I’ve overcome all my insecurities, but I’m getting there, ONE DAY AT A TIME!!”

BEEN THERE, DONE THAT sweetheart… we were brought up in a time where CALLADITA TE VEÍAS MÁS BONITA- translation: you look lovely when you’re quiet!- and now we get the reverse message: speak up and start earning your place in life… such contradictory messages that we’ve had to slowly grow into and make part of ourselves… with all these   lessons learned the hard way ( thank God we have not had to learn that many lessons the hard way- life’s been good to us GOOD GIRLS!) let’s throw out all modesty and tell me which adjectives best describe WHO YOU ARE NOW…

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It’s amazing when your self-image matches the way all of us who know and love you see you!!


ok readers, this isn’t all we talked about…

the rest of the conversation? in an upcoming post…

you can wait, can’t you?! 

8 responses to “REACT…You’re approaching the FOURTH floor!! Chatting with my sister-friend…

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  3. no,no,no llores!! todo esta bien y aun hay oportunidad de reponer el tiempo que se ha ido y ahora nos lo pasaremos mejor por que ya ‘no tenemos que pedir permiso’ ahora sólo pedimos perdón, jejejejeeee…habló la más liberal de todas, yeah right!! y nosotras a ti también te queremos mucho dear friend!!! so does this mean that you enjoyed the first part of the chatty post?!

  4. my dearest sister-friend…how could I not mention your fabulous blog!! It’s part of you, of who you are… me gustó como quedó este post…voy a dar unos días y seguimos con part deux!! xoxo

  5. OHHH! Thank you!!! You are too good to me, my comadre, sisteramiga, bff, creative soulmate. I like the way you added my blog there and of course the kind words. Can’t wait to read the other 40 year old’s point of view. It’s getting closer! Time flies indeed.

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