5 responses to “ACT…with TRUST & COURAGE

  1. Mame, you are so sweet and such a wonderful friend… it would be a treat to walk the journey with a kind, loving, creative soul like you 🙂 thank you for seeing my true intentions in sharing this. It is because I have been on this road feeling very confused and full of self-doubt, thinking no one would understand if I talked about all this turmoil (depression and menopause, each in their own moment, are seen with such terrible skepticism, at least her in Mexico, where both signal mental problems or a need for attention) that I wrote this and let it out into the blogosphere, hoping it would find its way into the life of someone going down this same path. My mom read my post and couldn’t believe it, we talk almost every day, we see each other often and still she had no clue what was happening to me. I accept as a sincere compliment you seeing courage in me sharing this because I did breathe in deep and gather up strength before I dove into this post and then again as I pressed the publish button. However, I kind of protected myself by disabling comments, that way I wasn’t expecting anyone to make contact with me, to tell me this resonates with them, or to tell me to shake it off… it’s been quite silent during all this time that I thought more silence wouldn’t hurt making your comment all the more special because you found a way to let me know that you are reading and this has found a way into your life… I’ll enable comments so that we can connect 🙂 hope I know how to :/ …te mando un gran abrazo Mame, xo Ale

  2. Comments appear to be disabled/invisible for me on your latest post, but just wanted to say thank you and I am always eager to read your latest insights! As ever you are a few steps ahead of me on the path…just far enough to call back over your shoulder, “This way!” as I see the faint light from your lantern trail behind you swinging round the next corner. I hope someday we will have opportunity to walk a bit of the journey together hand in hand, but until then know that your courage to speak is an inspiration, and I am so grateful you are there, letting me know there’s hope just ahead.

  3. I dare say we are, dearest Ale. It’s been a foggy and emotional path for the last few months this end, I just try to write my way into moments of clarity. May your path be lighter and brighter with the New Year and I’ll be here as ever, but trust that whatever you feel IS part of the journey, not a deviation away from it. Xxxx

  4. Dearest Safi, just as I was reading your message, I got an email update from Danielle LaPorte and in mentioned The Desire Map… I am planning on getting it asap, i watched the intro video and liked what I heard. Find out how you want to feel first! Of course!!! Safi, I dare say that you and I are kindred spirits following the same path, though I am like a zillion steps behind you as I have been feeling quite lost, foggy minded and extremely emotional/ sensitive… I need to find my way back onto my slow but sure journey!!! Thank you for being there as a light that shows me the path I am looking for… Love back to you my dear friend, xxxx Ale

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