REACT… to a not-so-sweet ACHIEVEMENT

“We are requesting your presence at the formal presentation of scholarships…” read the email I received on Monday from my daughter’s new school.


We had no idea how “formal” it would be so she put on a sweet dress and I just put on a bit more make-up. Our hometown is not distiguished by its well-dressed community so there were all different dress codes…formal, shmormal, right?!

Aside from the dress code, we were shown into the small conference room where more than 20 families awaited, and I thought, “how about that! many scholarships will be handed out, aren’t they generous, and aren’t we going through a terrible economic crisis!”

The event started and they called out each child by their names, starting with the ones who had competed for the scholarship, then they continued with the youngsters who had maintained they average high enough to keep their scholarship…and finally came the teacher’s children…

That’s the list my daughter was on

When I first took her documents (report cards, good conduct letter from her school and birth certificate), according to the school’s rules, because of her 9.8 (out of 10) average, she was exempt of presenting an admittance test…but also, following the school’s policy, she was automatically awarded a scholarship because I was an employee of  the school, nevertheless, she did have the chance to compete for one.

My daughter, being extremely competitive said she wanted to go ahead and compete, I convinced her not to telling her that there were other children that did not have the benefit of a parent employee and that if she got the scholarship she would be taking that important opportunity from someone who really needed it… she seemed convinced, till today

When we got home, my husband congratulated her, but she answered, “You got the scholarship, not me!”

She was right, I reminded her that now it was her task to keep her average worthy of it…it made no difference to her, this was not something she had won with her effort, a recognition to her dedication, this was another of the perks of me being a teacher there…

It came just a few days after another recognition was given to a girl in her generation for her outstanding average all throughout her elementary years…which later we found out that if our daughter had not left for two years, she could have gotten that award…her absence took her out of the competition…

Recognition, specially recognition from your peers is sometimes so important, even crucial in that search for an incentive to continue giving your best…

I will keep working my ass off so my children can have their scholarships, I thought, but who is the one benefitting really from that discount? because that’s what it is, a discount in tuition…the word SCHOLARSHIP represents an award for an above average effort made by the recipient, my children have theirs for being that MY CHILDREN

I tried to comfort her but I think this is a lesson only life can teach… she has more than enough of what it takes to keep that scholarship, maybe she’ll compete for it next year…

talk about a bitter-sweet achievement

hugs people




6 responses to “REACT… to a not-so-sweet ACHIEVEMENT

  1. Remind her that it is half your’s and half hers not every teacher’s child got it she put her weight with her grades!!!

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