ACT… a mistake called ART

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

photo 1 (8)

case in point, this little BLUE “MISTAKE” I gave another chance…I am glad I did, I can now call it ART!

Thanks TalkerHuge for this quote

I have done little else besides paint…yes, I’ve fed the hubby and children, washed dishes, made beds, sweat like a pig at swimming class in 42degree (celsius + 100,000% humidity) weather

After a full year without painting, I am just getting my fingers and brushes wet, so please excuse the “mistakes”, though I like how it turned out after all

and I finished ANE-POP…Anemones and Poppies


I might just bring out my unfinished Jacaranda Tree  and give it a go, before it’s time to start working on next semester’s class programs…

wish me luck and tons of self-confidence so that I may tackle the TREE and be able to call it ART as well!!

hugs people

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