My perfect day consists of
A list of not-to-do stuff

With canvases the whitest
Paint brushes the cleanest
Colors all the brightest
Imagination at its fullest

Creativity will leave no space 
For the ever avoidable mistake
Only pencil at its pointiest
Eraser will have no place

My perfect day consists of
Inspiration setting course
For my spirit to take flight 
To the land of possibilities
Where all dreams come into sight

My perfect day consists of
No limits to deter me
no obstacles to defy me
I just need to be there
and be grateful
and be giving 
of be the best me I can be

by ME :)

hugs people
btw, featured image is a painting be me

12 responses to “THINK… about MY PERFECT DAY

  1. Ofcourse, life respects both our values and our desires. Especially if we set our priorities right and do what must be done.
    Let’s keep doing our best, life won’t stand in our way as long as we don’t stand in it’s way. 🙂
    You are worth so much, keep exuding excellence in teaching, parenting, researching and creating.

  2. Great!
    That stuff you do is precisely what makes poetry beautiful.
    Rhymes and rhythm, with those scoops of creativity that you often garnish it with. 🙂
    My assignments and examinations are on me again, the blogosphere is paying with it’s time.
    I still sneak in from time to time, because I’ve got people like you.
    Big hugs to you too!

  3. How a little paint can turn our day from same old-same old into perfection… Have you been painting lately Stu? Btw my friend, can I comment back on you daily ponders? Or are they for for my personal introspection? Big hug Stu 🙂

  4. My tries at “poetry” seem so childish if I read them with a critical mind, I play with words and make them rhyme and read them over and over to check the la-di-da of it, what would that be called? Rythm? It suprises me when stuff comes to mind in this form, so I go with it as far as it’ll take me 🙂 thank you my dear friend! Have missed you around the neighborhood! Imagine life has gotten in the way… I have been a bit of a rebel and have shoved life in a drawer because inspiration has made it’s magical appearance and could not pass it up… Hope to read you soon, big hug!!!

  5. Thank you!!! 🙂 yes, I’ve sold several… This one in particular has a beautiful palette, so fresh and clean, it is one of my personal favorites, plus I really enjoyed the pointillism-type technique I used, a bit impressionist due to the thinkness of the paint… so happy you liked my “poem” or my attempt at something poetic!! read you soon, Alexandra

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