Hey! two new categories in one day…READ and now DISCOVER!

I have made it a nice habit to send a tweet to the site(s) that I discover each day… and to add to that I’ve given them a CATEGORY for you all to get to know them (that is if you didn’t know them yet)…so here we go!!!

Today, while following the #altsummit tweets I came across this website…


(you see, I’ve been shopping around for options to find a good site from where to sell my art…)

while there I browsed through the ART category and discovered some amazingly beautiful ABSTRACT ART…



This will go to my PINTEREST so that I can track back to it as soon as possible and get myself a piece of this fabulous art…

CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO GO TO THE SITE AND TAKE A CLOSER LOOK…I’ll definitely keep browsing CARGOH.COM for more discoveries…

p.s. just in case you were wondering, I get no comission or anything out of posting this besides sharing my discoveries and in this case promoting beautiful art

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