READ…new category!!!

I, like all of you, collect wonderful articles throughout the day but seldom have the opportunity to sit down and quietly read and reflect on them…Well this week I found two ways of not losing those good articles in my infinite favorites file:

1. my computer HIBERNATED when I wasn’t using it, that way these articles were always THERE looking at me, saying in a very false calm voice WHENEVER DEAR!!

2. I added this new category: READ… that way I do read what I find so that I’ll have some good info to pass on to you…which I think, if you’ve been reading my posts then we must have something in common, therefore you might enjoy what I recommend…

These are the articles I most enjoyed this week…click on each image to go to the complete article at its home site…

Let me just say that this first one…the comments complete the article and the author adds info in the comments section, and you’ll find my comment at the very end (not the most informative comment, I have to be honest, but I comment when  I enjoy a read)…so please read it over from start to finish, I promise you will learn a lot!! at least I did

QUOTES from The First Rule of Pricing: Make No Assumptions by Tiffany VIA papernstitch the blog!

this next one…the explanation for #3 I found to be FABULOUS…and #6 made me a bit sad and gave me a quick lesson

QUOTES from Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking by Michael Michalko VIA psychology today

Oh how I love AFFIRMATIONS… the author lists her own daily affirmations which are lovely, empowering and a great guide to formulate your own…

QUOTES from How to Create Balance and Focus by Liz Scala VIA AMSDaily

Please let me know which one you enjoyed and don’t hesitate to recommend any article you find that when you finish reading you think: hey! I’ve got to tell the author of ACT.REACT.THINK. about this…


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