ACT…Timely Tools…

So, in keeping with the topic of SELF-CARE, I found in my email two invitations to FREE tools:

timely toolsclick on the links to register 🙂


OPRAH & DEEPAK Meditation Experience

Starting the week and being offered help to continue on my slow but sure way to a balanced life made me think of this…



8 responses to “ACT…Timely Tools…

  1. My goodness, never a fun time when one is ill, however having the opportunity to stop activity to recover is a true blessing! It’s amazing how much difference bed rest makes on the recovery time vs being active through illness. I’m very glad you are feeling better 🙂 Yes, we do resonate my dear friend. I hope I manage to be around more often and to connect with my WP neighbors and friends to have those deep, enriching chats I have trouble finding elsewhere. Keep resting your way to full health dear friend. Read you soon!!

  2. It’s good to read your lovely words once again. They remind me of how awesomely we resonate.
    Ofcourse we celebrate Valentine’s Day down here.
    I basically had mine alone at home. I was receiving injections and bed rest.
    I’m a lot better now.
    I reciprocate the big loving Valentine’s Day hug.
    I appreciate your thoughtful words.
    Looking forward to more of you around.

  3. Yes, it’s been a HUGE while, my previous posts explain my disappearance for most of 2014, at least the second half of it. I’ve read your posts but have not been at my computer to write a thank you note for your beautiful words of wisdom (I don’t like to write on my phone, I make a million mistakes), reading you gives me the assurance that my friend Teecee is still around the neighborhood and at any moment moment we will meet up again. Hope to read more of you and I am writing bit by bit as I get the chance, wish I could do more 🙂 hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day -don’t know if you celebrate it at home, nonetheless, I send you a big loving Valentine’s Day hug dearest blogging friend 🙂

  4. Sometimes the greatest results don’t come from where we anticipate, we seem to stumble into them by chance. God knows our limits and has His own way of taking us beyond them. It’s been a huge while, my dearest blogging friend.

  5. Two phrases that resonated with me from the 1st speaker: “the system needed to collapse to give way for rebirth” … “The loving voice whispers, the hating voice shouts”… So insightful even poetic, many hugs dearest Safi

  6. I’ve subscribed to both! The webinar has a 48hr replay period so I expect to be able to listen to several interviews… The Oprah & Deepak event, has a 5 day replay period though, from previous events of theirs, I have made a space to listen before I start to get ready for work…. Aaaahhh! Lovely way to leave for work 🙂 hope you have a chance to do it and we can compare notes xxxooo

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