THINK…about the PERIOD & the COMMA in life

Let me share with you this quote…It was part of today’s Daily Ponders, Quotes and Questions by Stuart Young which I receive in my email  every day…




My goodness! I read it and was just mesmerized by it!

Read it over and over…

It spoke to me but I couldn’t explain what it meant…so I looked it up and surprisingly it had a bit more… so when I read it complete it came to me, though I’m still not sure I can be very clear when trying to interpret it… though, you know I love these kinds of challenges (risking confusing everyone in my intent…)

First of all, I did not know who GRACIE ALLEN was… well, she was an American comedian, actress, singer, dancer; and the comedic partner and wife of George Burns. (please click on over to read more of her quotable sayings and writings) btw, this phrase was taken from her last letter to George Burns, as quoted in Two Minutes for God : Quick Fixes for the Spirit (2007) by Peter B. Panagore, p. 73

Now, I’m only going to try it once, if I feel I’m writing in circles (something I’m good at detecting in others writing, hopefully Ego won’t blind me from stopping myself) I’ll go eat a bar of chocolate!

OK, maybe, by now you’ve read it several times and have gotten the idea, so just humor me (and maybe you can laugh later at my incoherencies)

Never place a period where God has placed a comma. God Is Still Speaking.

short and sweet…

what to us normal people might seem like the END, the final outcome of a difficult situation, the moment when we start feeling like we want to throw in the towel, give up, surrender…

to God it might be just a PAUSE, a moment he gives us to reflect, to re-strategize, to re-evaluate our ways, a breather for Him…

a coffee break to gather strength, to reorganize priorities and focus in order to take on the last stretch of the challenge…

sometimes that comma is there for us to look up to heaven and ask for a helping hand…

and to whisper to Him: I’m listening!

I think that the PERIOD in life is quite easy to identify, the goal here is to change it into a COMMA and be in silence because GOD IS STILL SPEAKING

THANK YOU STU! I had never read this quote before and it has really reached into my soul…

Check out Stu’s The ChangeYourLife Blog for more opportunities and advice on how to be better one day at a time

hugs people!

pairing by ME

background image for quote from CHAMELEONVISUAL on tumblr


11 responses to “THINK…about the PERIOD & the COMMA in life

  1. It’s exactly how I interpreted it – we often think things are final in life when in fact, it just continues after a brief pause. Like losing love, at the time we are devastated and think we’ll never love again – but after a pause, we find someone new. 🙂

  2. Thanks much dear! Time keeps ticking, life keeps going on. My wish is that our hopes and aspirations keep finding expression in reality.
    Keep having beautiful nights and beautiful days.

  3. It’s an excellent piece, my dear friend and you are right on point with your interpretation.
    Enjoy your evening, my day has just begun!
    Ride on beautifully and graciously, you’ve got the victory!

  4. I’ve got my priorities a bit mixed up, first I tackled the pleasurable task which is blogging and now, well into the evening, I’m just starting with the business part of my daily duties… I’m so happy you liked my interpretation…of course you are more eloquent on these matters my dear friend! It was worth a shot, right?! 🙂 you are so right, this is all about accepting that God works and manifests His plans for us in ways that differ completely from what we, as normal people, would do… Love and Faith are the tints we need for the eyeglasses that’ll clearly show us His hand in all this 🙂

  5. Pretty paring and a lovely interpretation to it!
    If truly we love and trust God, we would not give up in the face of challenges.
    God’s time and God’s ways may not always tally with human expectations but they are superior anything a man can come up with.
    An attitude of gratitude, hope, faith, patience and love can keep us through the break or brief pause an launch us into the realms that surpass our imaginations.
    Lovely post, my dear friend!
    I am always proud of you and your work!

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