THINK… about the words that draw the map of my journey

Half an hour ago I turned on my computer with the firm decision, true wish, urgent need to write a blog post… half an hour ago!

Now, I don’t know where to start, so I’ll just ramble until something good begins to develop…

In these last 90 minutes I helped my son with his spanish vocabulary homework, his math homework (four digit addition, quite a milestone), fed my dad’s pooch Junior, my daughter almost took my laptop away, I almost had to aid her in her chemistry experiment that almost went awry… in between these homework emergencies I got to read 3 blog posts from dear friends and comment, receive their beautiful replies and BE INSPIRED to sit and write…

inspiration to writeI asked Safi, from The Bamboo Principle, my dear, dear friend, inspiration and fellow traveller in the journey to self-discovery, how will we know when we have become the person we want to be…

Yeah, I’m in a philosophizing mood!

I offered the possibility that maybe defining what or who we want to be could be a good way of knowing when we get there…

The thing is, I want to be so many things in this journey, in fact, I think I don’t mind if it’s a never-ending journey as long as it has meaning and purpose, good music and philosophizing buddies to keep me company

I know, in the end I want significance, fulfillment and happiness…

Easy-peasy, right?!

Recently I read an article on these concepts titled The Difference Between Meaning and Happiness at where, for scientific purposes they separated and even compared them, they put them head to head in a challenge of the most worthy… For scientific reasons, I kept reading though, emotionally, they lost me

To me,

MEANING is the house on the beach where HAPPINESS lives,

PURPOSE is the sound of the waves that wake me up every morning and lull me to sleep every night,

SIGNIFICANCE is the sun rising and setting into the watery horizon, marking the beginning and end of a day well lived,  and

FULFILLMENT are the palm trees swaying in the breeze, setting the rhythm that brings peace to my mind and body

So you see, I cannot imagine them separate from each other, much less competing for the title of most worthy

These words draw the map to my journey

Surprisingly, the effects of my self-discovery journey with everything I’ve read and heard, have served others as well, feeding my intention of significance for the day when I am no longer near or here… I write this in gratitude for all the ‘confidential’ talks I’ve been honored with by my students

My journey is giving me sure-footing, some might call it maturity, I call it the first signs of resiliance, the hardships are all lessons I have to learn… and you’ll find me preaching by example…

Anyway, I want to tell you about my new pipe dream… but I think this is enough of me for now 🙂

tell me, what place do these words have in your life?


Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about. –

xo lovely people, hope this was worth reading, I am happy I was inspired to write it

btw2, background for my quote from here, B. Franklin quote from PHILOSIBLOG.COM

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