As you know, PANTONE selects colors for each season every year…these are PANTONE’s Spring Colors 2013

Quiltish by Allisa Jacobs: Color Lovin' - Pantone Spring 2013 Color Report

thess colors then subdivide into TRENDING FOR MEN AND TRENDING FOR WOMEN

pantone spring 2013

image via

Of course being a Pisces, I am attracted to blues and greens…and from these season’s colors I love (and INADVERTENTLY used in my kitchen re-do) PANTONE 14-6011 GRAYED JADE

It’s so calming and fresh, could even be a bit on the serious side but, as I see it, it serves as a ‘NEUTRAL’ backdrop and will let any other color pop…complementing, subdued, ethereal…

here’s a little collage I put together with products from etsy (except eye shadow)

grayed jade


eye shadow / green silk yarn /

fan (section of print) /

abstract animal print / clock  /

post earings /

hand knit baby mittens /

Mabel chicken /

color swatch

Hugs people

btw, featured image from

One response to “CREATE…GRAYED JADE eye candy

  1. I don’t know about the eyeshadow (browns and mauves are my signature).. but I think I will try a nice blouse… 🙂 Thank you Ale, me encanta leerte siempre!

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