READ…@NYTimes: Raising Successful Children

Of course this title caught not only my eye but my complete attention.

Who doesn’t want to raise SUCCESSFUL children?

As I read the article I fought back the urge to analyze…I concentrated on the words, the ideas, the examples, but at first my mind kept going back to this image…

click on image to go to article!


So I sit back and look at the image again and think, it’s the NYTimes, this image represents something else…it is not the image of a successful child…so then, it’s the image of OVERPARENTING, by the MOM, of course…

The GIRL sitting still while the MOM tends to her needs? Are you hungry? Are you healthy? Let me make you look presentable…Here’s your degree…Today’s chapter of the bestseller YOU are reading…You are a QUEEN…Smile!…Remember we are on a schedule!

Is the child SMILING? NO!

OK NYTimes, point taken!!

I’m sorry, I’m just too visual, and the image that represents a WHOLE article says a lot to me!

Anyway, aside from my 101 questions on the image they used, THE ARTICLE MAKES FOR A VERY INTERESTING AND THOUGHT-PROVOKING READ…

it makes a clear connection between OVERPARENTING and a child’s SUCCESS…Two  words that can be debated to death, specially when referring to child rearing.

I have been criticized for OVERPARENTING and have criticized, what in my opinion is, LAID-BACK PARENTING…as always, finding middle ground is complicated…and have resorted to RESPECTING the differences, however, this article urges us to find the elusive and so desired MIDDLE GROUND, with a notable tendency towards the under-rated overparenting style…

Let me quote some (what I felt were…) key phrases


Please take a moment to read this VERY THOUGHT-PROVOKING article and you be the judge (of your own actions and their consequences in your child’s future success) …

Me, I’ll keep over-parenting when my children’s emotional and physical safety is at risk, and I’ll let them be the constructors of their own success whilst looking for my own 🙂

hugs people!

btw, the image from the header is from

2 responses to “READ…@NYTimes: Raising Successful Children

  1. Oops, I overparent and I was overparented and I’ll keep doing it! The article talks in favor of overparenting :)…i don’t know if it’ll bring my children future success but it will take them to a future safely and with firm values and beliefs…

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