Pinning on PINTEREST has to have an objective…

when I suddenly find myself on a pinning frenzy I stop and question it and have resorted to deleting images which have no use, not now, not ever…so why keep them there!

That is the same question that comes to mind when suddenly my screen is invaded by images from the same pinner: a million and one monkeys (horses, seals, bears, you name it!), the sky’s the limit- cloud shapes…if I could walk a mile in her shoes, and her shoes, and HER shoes-shoes galore…you get the idea, image hoarding!! (it would seem!)

For those images that have no obvious CATEGORY I keep a RANDOM a.k.a. IMAGES I LIKE board, which I sometimes use as backgounds to add quotes on, making then not so random after all.

anyway, I have identified my objective in pinning: I want to learn, to understand! Sometimes from images of a professional’s work, other times from an amateur’s experiment, or simply from repetition, as is the case in the following collection of images from my board MAKING A GRAND ENTRANCE…

I wanted to identify the key elements that make a good looking foyer. So I started pinning and repinning from the creative people I follow and this is what I learned…


PINS collected by ME

Now that my return home is only 5 days away and a very balnk canvas awaits, this info will sure come in handy!

I really hope it’s of some use to you too!!

I’ve got some other fun, useful and colorful PINTERESTing ADVICE posts coming up, stay tuned!!


btw, have you gotten all teary eyed and sentimental watching the Olympics, or is it just me?!


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