ACT…so this is what I’m working on…

this is a study of a photograph I found that had just the right amount of light and shadow needed in the GLAZING technique (o VELADURA, pa’ mi gente!)

You know I’m still learning and I’m very aware that I’ve still got a veeeery long way to go in painting styles and techniques, but among the ones I have been studying, GLAZING has been the slowest…

Glazing is the technique used by El Greco, Van Eyck, Rembrandt, (just to name a few of the classics) in these images…(a very quick art class!!)

COLLAGE by from WIKIPEDIA...MIRROR close-up from

So as you can see, VELADURAS or GLAZING is a HUGE deal…the image that you get to see was achieved by applying an infinite number of layers of very thin, diluted oil paint, which helps in adding the effect of depth (aside from fabulous perspective)…any way…as fabulous as the finished product is, I took the easier way there..I was in no way about to tackle this technique trying to do a portrait, so I searched AND SEARCHED and found this photograph:

I can’t link back to the original site because apparently it has been taken off…but the photographer has some other work up so you can check that out…click here…when I found this bowl I read that it was a simple ceramic, aqua colored cereal bowl that he put through a program to make it dark (something like that) and this is what came out…AND EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED…A STRONG CONTRAST BETWEEN LIGHT AND DARK plus an added bonus-my favorite color- blue in any hue (like my pinterest board)…so now people, let me show you what I’ve done so far and how far along I’m now…

(my other beauty wanted to be in the picture too!!)

DOING WELL huh?! you don’t need to answer that…next step: ATTEMPTING TO TURN THE AQUA SPOON HANDLE INTO SILVER…bibbidy-bobbidy-boo…um, no, it’s going to take a bit more…

It’s hard to believe that this started out as an aqua rectangle and layer after layer the blurry figure started appearing…

so wish me luck and I’ll show you the finished painting when I’m done…



8 responses to “ACT…so this is what I’m working on…

  1. you are so lucky!! I’ve also sold some of my paintings, although seeing the prices at which art is offered today, I think I gave mine away…anyway, I looked and I think the only way of following your art blog is by joining Google+ or something of the sort…I’m going to take another browse and enjoy your art a bit more maybe I’ll find the subscription button somewhere…read you soon Stu

  2. Awe, thanks. I think if you follow that blog (it’s blogger not wordpress though) you’ll get updated when ever something is posted. Thanks for the visit, I’ve sold quite a few to date so I guess it’s in vogue. 🙂

  3. oh yes, I saw that…cool coincidence!! would you please let me know each time you post a new painting?! I’m going to need some pointers, you’ve got the Pollock thing going there Stu

  4. aaajajajaaaa A REAL ARTIST, well, I’m not virtual, but a real artist is the one that lives in my head but can’t quite move my hand yet!!!
    You know what, I also prefer the freedom of abstract but I enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to really concentrate that comes with figurative but under no circumstances- read: not in a million years and not for a million dollars- would I paint a portrait not of a person not even of a dog!
    After I finish 2 paintings with the glazing technique i have to do an abstract with mixed media…so that’s going to be MESSY and INTERESTING, thinking of trying the Jackson Pollock DRIPPED method but don’t know who’s going to let me spatter paint all over the place- my landlord sure won’t… in the mean time I’ll check out your art site… as always Stu, thank you for reading my blog and telling me about it

  5. Wow, you are actually like a ‘real’ artist. That takes skill and patience aswell as talent. For what it’s worth here’s my own art site (all abstract as I don’t have the above mentioned attributes!). 🙂

  6. aaaajajajaaa…I’m blushing!! and I’m bowing and taking off my hat..thank you, thank you…y el resto de mi vida es un desmadre…es que me gusta lo que me gusta asi como que lindo es lo lindo, pues igualito…xoxo

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