CREATE… She is not really alive unless she is creating. Pearl S. Buck

Pearl S. Buck


This quote speaks perfectly of my current state of mind and heart…

Creativity became my daily meditation throughout the Summer… and now there is none… the pace has picked up from slow and steady to hurry up I’m leaving… noise is everywhere, all the time… obligations have come back with a vengeance…

and I am hyperventilating…

“…so that without creating… her very breath is cut off from her.”

I suddenly find myself with my hands covering my ears, because even the t.v. feels like a menace, constant, loud, I can’t follow a complete thought through…

I have to find the space, if there is no space I need to make it, my ability to function depends on it…

can anyone out there relate?

xo lovely people

THANK YOU Pearl S. Buck for giving THIS a name and for putting it so beautifully.

6 responses to “CREATE… She is not really alive unless she is creating. Pearl S. Buck

  1. Yes, I can relate!!! A for painting, don’t worry, you will find yourself miraculously with a piece of white paper in front of you, holding a paintbrush! It’ll happen! 😉

  2. Pero ya lo solucionaste o did you just sweep it under the rug? pues será eso PVD: post vacation depression, back to reality which is not that bad just a bit overwhelming and too demanding of my time, effort, energy, attention que de por si esta limitada por crap… shit!!! did you really miss my ranting? jejejeee thank you… I have no idea where I’ve been I know I have not been here… I have been at moments at my happy place and the rest of the time, tending to the family and their needs, I am feeling a bit resentful of that… I will blog about it just to get it off my chest 🙂 xoxoxox read you soon my dear friend, love you back

  3. We’ve been in the midst of Tropical Storm Norbert so our skies have been unusually cloudy, nevertheless I’ll stand outside tonight and ope to get a glimpse of the last supermoon 🙂 Marina, you can relate?! I just get so sad when days fly by and I have not made anything (besides food for the family and beds and school plans) I am considering watercolour, nothing fancy just some abstract translucent/transparent something on paper… I need the lightweight feel of it, in fact, I crave it like I would a piece of homemade brownie, yeah, that much!!! hugs and kisses my dear friend, take care!!!

  4. I CAN RELATE.. that, and other stuff. I missed you so much.. I am kind of glad you have finished all the BACK TO SCHOOL LABELS… 🙂 TIENES mucho que crear en este espacio…. Yo tuve mi DEPRESION POST VACACIONES.. mi momento de CRISIS EXISTENCIAL.. jejeje.. love ya!

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