THINK… about BEING 40+ and the CONVERGENCE

This weekend we saw on PPV the sequel to Thor and it’s all about a phenomenon they call the CONVERGENCE where, supposedly, the 7 realms (or are they 6 or maybe 8…) will line up and there will be a sudden surge in power that will be self-consuming taking everything in its path (or something like that… I was just very distracted with Loki playing nice)…anyway, the CONVERGENCE… very destructive, very strong, very inevitable… that’s when I turned to one side and then to the other… OMG, I am in the middle of one such phenomenon, with the realms being my teenage daughter, my 40+ husband and myself, in the middle, no less…


I remembered the NYTimes article on teenagers and their parents where the studies cited concluded that it is not the phase these youngsters are going through that makes it so complicated to manage, it is more the fact that everyone involved is going through their own personal transformation, hitting important milestones at about the same time… critical moments that bring lots of turmoil, self-doubt, self-sabotage if not taken with patience or personal growth if embraced…

That is our CONVERGENCE…

There is so much talk about our phases focusing on negative manifestations of our arrival to our 40s… but men go through their own sh$%, too!

I have gathered from comments and chats here and there that men also go through this phase of self-doubt, however unlike us, they measure their self-worth on how much they have and how much they get (wink, wink!)

Now imagine, (if you are not yet there), being the wife of a man going through this moment, with your personal crap to resolve and be suddenly voted unanimously as “most likely to hold blame” for the husband’s feeling of inadequacy… WTF? wtf!!


That’s the realm to your left and to your right, the princess of the third realm: teenage daughter, who is also succombed in self-doubt wanting to gobble up the world, feeling she knows better that the other two in the convergence, unleashing her magestic powers of destruction…

…and I was worried about our menstrual cycles synching and how that would manifest at home with brother and dad… I never considered dad going through his own life phase at the same time…

Now THAT is complicated!!



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