FELIZ DÍA DEL MAESTRO google doodle, Thanks :)

¡Feliz día del maestro!

How lovely this is!!

We trust you with our children… You trust me with your children!! THANK YOU

Here’s my hearfelt wish for you and me in this task of endurance/ labor of love…

Teachers all over,

May you always be guided by a loving heart and a kind demeanor,

May your words build confidence and a thirst for learning

May your actions set their pace towards a life of curiosity and sharing with no limits

as you do- day in, day out

May your presence be forever remembered with fondness by your students from generation to generation

and, may you recognize in yourself how priceless your contribution is in the classroom and beyond.

Feliz Día del Maestro, Colegas! … Happy Teacher’s Day, Colleagues!

beautiful Apple Teacher Art w/download @ I love my disorganized life . com

xo everyone

Resilience update pending…aaaaahhhhh!! 🙂

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