…and a year ago today…

ACT. REACT. or just THINK about it!

google doodle

For starters,

thanks Google for your Día de las Madres Doodle

Google always on top with their personalized (meaning: every country gets their doodles) attention…

Yes, today,  May 10th we celebrate Mother’s Day here in México…

You can imagine, all generations of moms together celebrating each other because today’s no exception, today we cook and clean and play hostess to our celebration…

Today marks my 12th year as a mom, though, I did not recognize my mothering as a true and deep instinct till I discovered myself wearing my mom cap with my students.

I was told I was a mother by my mom when she saw me freaking out (and in the midst of what I believe was P.P.D.) with my newborn in my arms, a clueless look on my face, an overwhelmed soul and a comatosed brain… There but not there… she said, ” you are her…

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