ACT… towards becoming a RESILIENT person

Oh yeah! I’m a student again… virtually!

I signed up and started the course yesterday. It’s a MOOC titled

Becoming a Resilient Person – The Science of Stress Management

How absolutely cool is this?! VERY…

So it’s brought to us by UWashingtonX, the virtual University of Washington that has partnered with to open up to the public a variety of courses in this MOOC modality, that is Massive Online Open Course…

So today I reviewed Stress and how it is engrained in us from prehistoric times, the zebra and the lion/ fight, flight or freeze reflex. Its use in our lives as an incentive when kept in moderation, according to the…. so-and-so’s Curve… hhmmm… checking whose curve…jejejee…Yerkes-Dotson curve (remind me to look for a MOOC on memory: remembering where to look for it

And the definition of Resilience as a kind of ordinary magic (I did not get this :/) …but I understood this definition better because of two key words: SURVIVE and THRIVE, so resilience is the ability to survive in the face of adversity and thrive optimizing our well-being and performance… it is not just about bouncing back but bouncing back in better conditions… it kind of reminds me of the concept of PTG posttramautic growth… to come through the challenge of adversity a better, stronger, enlightened person that has learned from the experience and knows it.

One of the course’s requisites is to have a practice partner, applying the belief that we learn when we teach, ja! who knew, wink, wink!!… so, would you do me the honor of being my practice partner? I do hope acquiring resiliency is part of your life to-do list 🙂

Oh, btw, they asked me to ask you what you do right now to manage your stress…

xo lovely people!


visit and take a look at all the courses they have to offer… I’ve signed up for another one starting in September titled, drum roll please: The Science of Happiness from BerkeleyX… yaaaaay!!!

2 responses to “ACT… towards becoming a RESILIENT person

  1. Yay! Thanks Teecee, dear friend and now practice partner 🙂 well, it seems that there’s no class today, just as well because i’ve got grades to turn in… sometimes i wish we could just give students a thumbs up or down and forget about numbers… anyway… sleep to reduce stress…it goes the other way around for me: stress to reduce sleep :/ My strategy to reduce stress in my life is to not get into it. I have become very aware of my limits and I take care not to cross them, at my age, the effects of over doing it can last a while. So, I am careful of how many things I say YES to and the level of commitment I need to give to get things just how I like them… though one thing that I have not been able to control is how stressed I get when my husband drives my car…. aaarrrrggghhh, for now, I just put on my sunglasses and make believe I’m enjoying the scenery when in reality I’ve got my eyes closed and have tuned out… however there are times I grab the car keys and run, getting to my car first, after that he won’t try to get me out of the driver’s seat, he knows better 🙂 jajajaaaa… stay tuned for the next update to this course, hope you get a chance to look over the MOOCs offered, an intelligent, knowledge-lover like yourself will surely find several MOOCs to sign up on… big hug and thanks again my dear friend…btw, sending prayers to your people and for the end of this terrible situation

  2. Who wouldn’t want to be a resilient person, Alexandra?
    And who would ever turn down an offer to be your partner on a task like this?
    At least, not I.
    I’m with you all the way!
    I sleep to reduce stress, or I just take up on the task as if it’s a fun game.
    Stress if never felt, when there is enough excitement and joy around it.
    I make my work, my play and as a result, I have fun being productive.
    Many cheers to you, my dear friend. Enjoy the course and keep me posted of my role as partner (Smiles).
    All the best!

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