BEING 40+…Ultrasound Results

us results

Sorry for the delay, I got my results on Friday but waited till my appointment with my Dr. for the update…

All’s well, thank God!!! in fact, my boobs are younger than me… they are still fibrous like way back when, no fat, though I could use some fat HERE instead of THERE… but I am not complaining, oh no I am NOT!!!

I’ve got single and double occupancy, respectively,  as you can see in the pic of the pic

So, what’s next: close monitoring…what does that mean? OK, regular self-exams paying close attention the the size and level of sensitivity of the RIGHT occupant, if either or both augment (size and sensitivity to touch) I’d need to get another ultrasound…and if Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum decide to make a public appearance (because I did not detect them will doing a self-exam), it would mean that they’ve grown, making the ultrasound a must, as well.

Aside from this, I do have to start taking some vitamins specifically for women who can not take HRT (Hormonal Replacement Therapy) comme moi!!! as a preventive strategy, or what we call CURÁNDOME EN SALUD, that is healing in health

I dislike taking pills however, it is easy to predict that my youth induced health (this sounds weird: the health that effortlessly comes from being young… ) is, as I type, in it’s final countdown

Anyway, filling out the MEDICAL HISTORY forms and  coming to the part of CANCER IN THE FAMILY was pretty hard and scary, specially when Dad (colon cancer) and Grandma (pancreatic cancer) filled the space…

Quite an awakening to the reality of our ephimeral existance and how we can procrastinate and postpone so many things like doing what you know is right even if it takes extra dedication and turning dreams into exciting plans in progress…

I’ve got to go pick up my children from school so I hope to write soon, but don’t despair, if you could read my mind you’d find as many posts as the most prolific bloggers out there…

xo lovely people

read you soon (fingers crossed)


17 responses to “BEING 40+…Ultrasound Results

  1. Jejejee… perky boobies!! now THAT is wishful thinking my dear Mame, jajajaaa! Droopy but healthy…too much info! Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, xoxo my dear friend

  2. I’m so relieved to check in and read your good results. I’ve been away from blogland much lately — life gets so busy — but you have been in my prayers. I wish you at least 40 more years of great health and creative energy! (And perky boobies =*)

  3. Alexandra,
    It’s good to be monitoring your health like this. I just had a mammogram a while back, and it’s always a little scary waiting for the results. I’m so glad everything is good for you. I hope you’ll be healthy for a long, long time!
    Love and hugs,

  4. Thank you my very dear friend! Yes, all’s well and I did what had to be done when it had to be done, no excuses…It felt good, I am the only one responsible and accountable for my health and well-being… I am so grateful for your beautiful words and blessings my friend, sending you a big hug 🙂

  5. ‘Distracted’?!!!! Really, Alexandra, I did not for a minute expect you to remember, so what can I say!!! You are so sweet and all your blessings and wishes were received with love – thank you my dear!!!
    Likewise, about the friendship!
    You too have a wonderful day, my dear friend and… I hope you’re having a party! Your great news are cause for celebration – at least a nice glass of wine!
    So I raise my glass to you – Cheers and ‘to your health’, as we say in Greek. xxxxx Hugs 🙂

  6. There is nothing better than doing the necessary things when they still count.
    A stitch in time saves Nine!
    I’m so glad that you are doing the right thing at the right time and everything is just fine.
    Many cheers & more grace!

  7. I’m thankful your spirit is lifted and pray nothing but good news follows you in future. I am very grateful for our friendship, we can always pick us where we leave off and that is beautiful. Thank you for embracing me. I am blessed. xoxo

  8. Jejeje… luv ma healthy boobs, jejejeee… Yes, both exams, though we are limited in the boob department there’s still activity going on in there and we need to be sure it’s all good… love you back honey… you’ll let me know how it goes when you go for it?! xoxo

  9. Belinda, you are a perfect example of someone that gives what she gets… You are so loved by many and you embrace us in that same love, thank you my friend… I wish I could be in better/ more frequent contact… I am feeling renewed, my body is still with me and so are my beautiful friends. xoxo back to you!!

  10. happy birthday minions
    Happy Birthday my dear friend… I could just kick myself for not sending you hugs and kisses on the very day… I have been quite distracted… Today, I want to send your way many blessings and heartfelt wishes… may life keep you surrounded by love that may also serve as inspiration and guide in all your creative endeavours… You had me in your thoughts my dear friend, this means so much to me because I know you were sending me the good vibes I needed… I value our friendship, this is the new kind of friendship which doesn’t necessarily fit into any previous description though the connection is there and so is the love… I know you had a wonderful day, incredible people like you deserve nothing less!! xoxoxo

  11. That is brilliant news!!! I knew it!!! I was actually thinking of you today and was about to write asking and here you are with an update – isn’t that funny?!
    Enjoy and always always take care of Alexandra!
    🙂 hugs xxxx

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