BEING 40+…my mammogram results

my mammogram resultsWell, I kind of knew it because I had felt it…

There’s a little something-something in my right breast…

The recommendation is to get a follow-up ultrasound, which I’ll do this week.

I am anxious but most of all I am numb, however I am in God’s hands and he is in control…I AM WELL (thanks Louise Hay)

Tomorrow’s my 42nd birthday and it’s a national festivity, jajajaaaa…not because of me of course, nevertheless, my children, husband and family will be here to have a nice lunch, low mess kind of thing, I hope because I had to let my house cleaner go, and that’s another long and exasperating story that I’ll leave for my next chance to catch up with all you lovely people…

xo everyone and…






10 responses to “BEING 40+…my mammogram results

  1. Thank youuuu!!! Pues honey, hay doctores que dicen que si no hay sospecha de nada funky entonces no hay necesidad…mientras otros dicen que a los 40… te lo dejo a tu criterio, yo encontré la bolita y me puse en acción 🙂 te aviso como va you back sweetheart, xoxo

  2. NUNCA me he hecho uno.. tu crees???? YA SE.. I love you Ale, HAPPY BIRTHDAY… wear green y por favor, no dejes de avisarme como va todo… hugs and kisses

  3. Honey, ya te hiciste tu mammogram? Ve por favor y hazte uno ASAP…estamos en plena edad de producir chingaderas… perdón por que no he visitado tu blog, te he podido leer en partes pero no he ido a comentarte, he andado con la cabeza media fuera de onda… love you back sweetheart, muchas gracias xoxo

  4. My dear Alexandra, I am really sorry to hear about this – however I’m sure this will be nothing serious – you’ll see!
    and… HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you an abundance of happiness & joy in EVERY aspect of your life [health included of course!]
    a big big hug!! xxxxxxxx

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