REACT…to more lessons learned than taught

One week back, more lessons learned than taught…

PERCEPTIONS are as subjective as the concept of happiness (first thing that came to mind) … It had been a while since I was standing in front of a group who was not 100% bilingual, so I was a bit hesitant… Students being 40, 50 or even 60% bilingual means that 100% of the time they will be understanding 40, 50 or 60% of what I am saying (respectively from last to first…jeje) because I will be speaking English ONLY. The question mark face…is not something I am used to

The face I mostly get is the I-don’t-want-to-write-another-essay face (a.k.a.disgusted face)

… anyway, I had several conversations with last semester’s teacher about level, conduct, attitude, habits, proficiency, reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation skills which all seemed (according to her perception) average and below… will they understand me when I speak to them? “some of them will, part of what you say…” was the teacher’s answer… are they aware of how much they’ve still got to learn?… “some of them are, but most really don’t care!”…

“OK Alexandra, don’t jump to conclusions and don’t jump of the bridge… You’ve got your ways and you certainly know what you are doing by now” said my wisest of all inner voices… 🙂

Oh, am I glad I obeyed (yes, master, oh wisest inner voice)… jajajaaa, they have been fabulous… KNOCK ON WOOOOOD, the door, the table, my pencil, my head…knock on wood, oh Lord!

I had decided to be the wicked witch of the north-west and go in the first day with several conduct reports already filled out with the names of the well-known trouble makers and wear them as my armour against their wrath… NO NEED PEOPLE (knock on wood)… thank you God!

A dark cloud of extreme sadness hovers over me when I feel HUNGRY… Now what is that about? Don’t people get angry when they are hungry, hey! I can take angry…but not sadness… come on!!! I start to get this feeling of self-pity from an indesciphrable place, then start to feel like I want to cry, for no logical reason…and since I  can’t burst into tears just because, I conclude that I am the saddest person on the face of this earth…OK, in this city… Then my tummy starts to grumble, I sadly walk to the cafeteria and get a sad all-veggie sandwich with an even sadder glass of milk… Suddenly, out of nowhere, I smile, I wave to the students walking by, I notice the beautiful clouds in the most fabulous aqua sky… I am back people!!! yay… Isn’t this the dumbest thing ever? It seems that my blood sugar level falls taking my mood with it… jajajaaaa 

Odio-los-lunesMonday can be worse than Friday if I don’t REST DURING THE WEEKEND… Thursday (also called Little Friday), I am psychologically depleted; Friday I am totally: physically, emotionally and psychologically burned out. However, some lovely family members think that come Saturday morn I should be feeling just fine, at full speed, battery at 100% charge… sure! I end up exceeding my speed limit and ultimately crashing Sunday night. To get up on Monday flying on auto-pilot… not fun! I need to take it easy, I need to say no, I need to take off my apron… I’m no spring chicken you know, not anymore :/

I like liking Mondays, they are my chance to start over, my new clean slate… I carpe diem on Monday only if I R&R on Saturday and Sunday 🙂

…lessons that had to be learned…

Have you learned your lesson for the day/week/month?

xo lovely people

6 responses to “REACT…to more lessons learned than taught

  1. It makes us feel powerful, invincible and depleted… I’ve made a conscious effort to tackle one task at a time but I get anxious at seeing my husband and children just sitting and flipping channels when there’s so much to do… clean up pet poop, for example!! 🙂 big hug my friend

  2. Yes – constant multi-tasking is stressful. AND it only gives the illusion of productivity. But in the West we are addicted to it.

  3. My husband is anti-clutter, so much so that when we talk in my house, you can hear an echo, he says it’s minimalist, I say it’s just empty…anyway, jajajaaa, I can’t accumulate stuff at plain sight, so I accumulate in my closet… but, since turning 40 I realized I can’t wear (won’t fit into) my past clothes so I apply your rule, two years without being worn is a sign that I am not wearing it anymore… Unpacking stories of terror: I came back home on August 10, 2012, I unpacked the last box December 2013… spooky!!! I HATE moving but I DESPISE unpacking… sending you a big empathic hug my lovely friend!!

  4. Ah, we learn every day, don’t we?!
    Mine was, “don’t accumulate things – if you do, have them somewhere you can see them. If something hasn’t seen the light of day for more than 2 years, do yourself a favor: find and throw or give away.” Words coming from a person who suffered [yep -you read right] a move and is still in the final stages of unpacking!
    Be well, my dear Alexandra and smile!

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