REACT… mi gente lee A.R.T.

You can’t imagine my surprise…or maybe you can 🙂 at finding this in my stats page yesterday:

mi gente lee art



that is, my people, jejeje, my fellow mexicans, read my blog!

so, as my grandmother Mami used to say when I missed a visit:

PRESÉNTATE!… introduce yourself!

If you’ve read me on and off you might know that I don’t publicize or use social media to promote my blog, in fact, I deactivated my facebook page a while back and I have not tweeted since I returned from Mexico City, so finding people from my country visiting my blog, or so my stats say, is a wonderful surprise!

I wonder what they think of all my mental chatter splattered, splished and sploshed on this blog!

I have been open about my, hhhmmm, “resentment” towards some of our culture’s traditions and disheartening distinctive traits which I’ve kind of masqueraded writing in a language that is not my own, though not forgetting that many of my people are bilingual and in knowing that, I’ve never lost hope in their visit, as well as their tolerance towards my opinions; that they my resonate with them would be a plus!!

I’ve considered writing in Spanish but then what would happen to my WP friends and neighbors? They are my community, my inspiration and my guides, I can’t just go martian on them, jejejeee…you know who you are and you know I value our friendship to infinity and beyond 🙂

I was once told that I’ve got good images on my posts 🙂 which have shown them the way here… interesting observation!!!

Pictures or Ideas…The good thing is that they stop by and with luck find something that catches their attention


gracias a.r.t.

Gracias por visitar mi blog gente linda… me encantaría conocerlos, no sean gachos, preséntense, díganme de donde son… o es que ustedes también disfrutan del anonimato, si es así, lo respeto…es más, invéntense un alter ego y así protegen su identidad en el blogosphere…

sale pues, un abrazo!

xo lovely people


2 responses to “REACT… mi gente lee A.R.T.

  1. Hi, I’m Lor… Like you it has taken years to break free from traditions… Now, I just follow my heart…

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