ACT…Start the New You NOW webinar is ON…

People, did you sign up? Hurry, check your email for your special link, remember it’s open for 24hrs.

If you didn’t have a chance to sign up, here’s the link again

I’ve started with Dr. Christiane Northrup’s conversation…


I could listen to her all day…it is not all about menopause, in fact she touches on the subject till the last 20-25 mins of the webinar… her main topic today is REAL resolutions, do-able, effective, growth promoting resolutions…she’s right on!!!

here’s the link to the daily schedule of speakers…

Aaaahhhh, what’s all this about? here’s a link to my “public service announcement” post (wink)

hugs everyone, happy Saturday!!

did you feel that I am in a hurry…jajaja…I kinda am, got to go pick up some clothes from the cleaners, having my daughter’s friends over for a school project that’s due on Monday, need to clean up the kitchen, though the beds are done (-1 on the to-do list)… and my wonderful, out-of-this-world amazing sister-friend Cristy from Life in Spanglish and from the rest of my life is in town and coming over, wuuuhuuuuu… so, have a great one xo

rumbling noices coming from the sky… what is that about?!


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