REACT… his test results

Well, my dad got his test results and they were very far from positive contrary to his attitude in all this. My dad is no victim of cancer, he is fighting and learning from it… Me? I am numb at this moment…

However, today, checking my email I came upon this: The Chemo Cookery Club

Chemo Cookery Club

I don’t want to sit and analyze how I feel, I want to get to it…for starters I got him an appointment with a wonderful therapist that works with magnets and energy frequencies and beautiful alternative stuff like that (I had my appointment and it was infinitely interesting)… My dad is a true believer in alternative medicine and he is willing to undergo both treatments simultaneously; my sister, our families and I are with him all the way…

In scrolling through the Chemo Cookery site I found this piece of info:

your new best friends

The recipes in the book seem a bit too fancy for my dad’s practical ways, so I’ll keep browsing to find replenishing meals that have these “new best friends” as main ingredients…

God gives us the best, protects us from the worse and everything in between is a lesson that has to be learned…

Believe me, it is turning out to be quite a learning experience.

thanks my beautiful friends for you kind words of love and support, they mean sooooo much now and always

xo people, read you soon

10 responses to “REACT… his test results

  1. Andamos mega agripados los niños y yo, fuimos con el doc de la medicina china, mi papá también fue y salió con su medicamento para reforzarle su sistema inmunológico, ayer tuvo su cita con el terapeuta de los imanes… esta dispuesto a probar todo para lograr un estado de salud que le permita resistir la quimioterapia… you said it sister, OMG! yo necesito reforzar mi sistema por que lo que viene va a estar pesado,to say the least! God is in our favor and we are in his hands… love you back sister, xo

  2. Omg OMG OMG…. I’m here and I need to talk to you. Mañana te marco, acabo de leer esto y vamos a darle con todo. ALL my Love to you, my sister. God is in our favor.

  3. Ya me lo eché, buenísima info con ganas de suscribirme… Desde ya empiezo a revisar etiquetas y a ver como le hago para dejar la azucar blanca para mi café y mi té. Muchísimas gracias ya se lo reenvié a mi pops… Xo sweetness

  4. Gracias, my beautiful friend!!! Recibo tu abrazo y te mando otro bien dado… Al toro por los cuernos y q Dios nos cuide, xo sweetheart quiero darme una vuelta por tu blog but things just don’t seem to be calming down, por ahi andaré asap

  5. Alexandra, I am so sorry to hear about your father’s cancer, though it sounds like he has a great attitude about it. My thoughts are with you and your family. I pray alternative medicine heals him completely, and brings a beautiful outcome for him and your whole family.
    A big hug to you!

  6. F*ck cancer.. that is my motto nowadays!! Te mando un hug my lovely friend.. We are here for you and by all means it all narrows down to our nutrition. Everything will be ok.. I love you sweetie.

  7. Thank you Belinda, your prayers are so welcome by us…Please ask God to make our faith grow even more through out this and when all is said and done, our souls will rest in Him and His word. xoxo right back

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