So, it’s that time again when I’m a complete mess, overwhelmed by a true melange of emotions… all of which call for another dose of lovely…

let’s enjoy some SOPHISTICATED Eye Candy in

CHARCOAL + BLUSH with a hint of GOLD

via this color coordinated pairing of beautiful fashion jewelry and sparkly/wonderful living room vignette…


live&wear 5


VIGNETTE: Rue Magazine Living Rooms via PINTEREST

EARINGS: Charm&Chain Statement Earings

xo people…


“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky.

Conscious breathing is my anchor.

― Thích Nhất HạnhStepping into Freedom: Rules of Monastic Practice for Novices

“That was one of the saddest things about people–

their most important thoughts and feelings

often went unspoken and barely understood.” 

― Alexandra AdornettoHalo

8 responses to “THE FASHIONABLE HOME: Live&Wear 5

  1. You are welcome, my dear.
    I’m glad my words could make a difference.
    Always be assured that you are not alone and I will always be your dearest fan! 🙂
    I appreciate the thoughts you share and I am confident of your ability to make a difference.
    Circumstances may seem overwhelming at times, but we must not give up. With hope, faith and love, there’s no limit to the heights we can reach.
    Better days are sure ahead. With gratitude and cheerfulness, we can enjoy them.

  2. Oh Teecee, my dear friend and WP neighbor… I can tell you’ve been busy and I have missed reading your cheerful, inspiring and enlightening words but I understand that your place right now is not necessarily in front of a screen pondering and writing… Yes, creativity eases the burden, it gives me something worthwhile to think of… life and my inability to manage makes me look for kindred spirits in the blogosphere to feel a bit less alone as I work towards peace of mind and heart… thank you for being there neighbor and for cheering me on, tomorrow will be a better day… big hug

  3. winds of change that bring turmoil and uneasiness, a few steps away from our comfort zone… it makes me feel better that with few words you understand what I mean, though knowing you are in the same place I am is not something I would have wished for you my friend… I agree and with a heart full of hope I embrace the possibilities tomorrow will bring… an infinite thank you

  4. Beautiful pairing, Alexandra.
    I trust that putting this lovely piece together is a beautiful pathway to attracting peace of mind.
    With a whole lot to do and so little time available, a break to enjoy creative arts is always refreshing and inspiring enough to add verve and vigor to accomplishment.
    I believe you are doing a good job with your students and with family, as always.
    I’ve been so caught up in engagements that I’ve missed you and the blogosphere so much.
    Many cheers to you, my dear friend!

  5. If it makes you feel any better, must be something in the air 😉 But yes, just be with it rather than using EXTRA energy (which you don’t feel you have) to be angry about it. Tomorrow is a clean slate of all sorts of wonderful possibilities.

  6. Thank you Safi, I am emotionally beat and have no will or strength to fight back… I am angry at myself for being a wimp… yes, peace and flow… I will visualize, as i fall asleep, a peaceful, flowing stream washing away all this… I’ll let it go and wake up tomorrow with gratitude to start another day… big hug my dear friend

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