ACT… deciding to be DECISIVE and trusting your decision

Ok, so you’ve lost some sleep over it, even a bit of your voracious appetite, it has consumed you and your willingness to turn the page in that chapter of your life…it is now or NOW…

You know you need to make a decision but you lack the courage needed to follow through…

Been there… and when I have approached someone for a hint as to the direction i should take, they either shrug off any involvement in it (and responsibility, for that matter) or they give you the typical psycho-babble: what do YOU want to do?… or how about the I’m-your-Pal-not-your-shrink response: go for it, what have you got to lose?!

Not the best guides for making the decision right then and there, but they do get you dissecting the situation; in fact, they are part of the 5 points to ponder defined by Stu from TheChangeYourLife Blog:

  1. what’s the main thing that you gain?
  2. what might you lose by doing it?
  3. what do you gain by NOT doing it?
  4. what do you lose by NOT doing it?
  5. can doing this be reversed or adverse consequences be mitigated?

Two get you thinking in an active way, two get you thinking of the pros and cons of a passive stance and the final one recommends you have a back-up plan in case it goes sour… after all, aren’t we always supposed to have plan B and C ready?

Watch the video and put it to the test on your next bout with indecisiveness

4 responses to “ACT… deciding to be DECISIVE and trusting your decision

  1. Nice one!
    There just has to be a way out of indecisiveness.
    This seems to be a good sieve analysis for what to do.
    Welldone, my friend. Stu is doing a good work with the ‘changeyourlife’ blog.
    Thanks for sharing!

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