THINK… in or out!

Totally IN…introvert that is!

Oh, you’re not sure?!

I have always known, but this slideshow, sent to me by my wonderful sister-friend/ blogger Cristy, helped me fully indentify this type of personality in me and to understand what it means and why it feels the way it does…

click to understand or confirm your suspicions

It was both an A-Ha! and an Oh-No! moment for me studying the content of this Guide…

A-Ha! because I finally understood why I suddenly felt anxious and trapped when my inner voice said: Time to Leave, and my rendezvous companions did not want to…

Also, A-Ha! and Whew! to realize Introversion is not the same as Anti-Social, because when the need to be alone strikes, I don’t harm anyone to get them out of my way, I just start to hyperventilate… and cry huge repressed tears of exhaustion

Oh-No! because we are social beings, we are supposed to need others in our lives, we are a team…how can I use/invite/call you and then ask you to leave…

Another Oh-No! is that not everyone knows the difference between anti-social and introversion… introverts are seen as weird… for many people it is unthinkable to need silence, introspection, solitude…If you need that, then you are hiding some pathology of the weird kind

Please watch this, understand us, find yourself and…

A spin-off post from A. Einstein admission to a need for solitude

the magical link… xoxoxoxo

so, tell me, what did you find???!!!

hugs to all, with permission, of course! 🙂

4 responses to “THINK… in or out!

  1. I think I rock back and forwards. Sometimes I like to enjoy myself to the max, be loud, extrovert. And sometimes I just want to be on my own, to think, relax, veg out. Am I an ‘IntroEx’? 😉

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